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Found 281 results

  1. hi everyone, may be i am wrong with this question, I have a smoke simulation, and i want to cache it out. all i want to do is cache the sim with very less voxels count and use the cached sim to increase my volume voxels for rendering. is it possible or is there a better way to do it. ?? thanks in advance
  2. Hey all, I'm curious if there is a way to render volumes such as billowy smoke with absorption . Here is a reference of absorption done in krakatoa http://assets.digitaltutors.com/dtv_/bison_courses/558/detailed_images/5.jpg I've tried setting up a few lights and tweaking the billowy smoke material but I can't seem to get the right look as shown in the reference. Any advice would help. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, been working with the Attract Fluid shelf tool to get two bursts of smoke attract to the word COUGH and then form it. Everything works fine except for the fact that once the smoke is contained by the COUGH volume it becomes jittery with every frame. I have tried tweaking the equalizedensity and blenddensity to no avail. Any ideas how I could get the smoke to calm down once it is contained by the COUGH volume? Thanks
  4. FX Artist Demo Reel 2012

    Warmly welcome! This is a demonstration of my skills in the visual effects for feature films and commercials. I'm available for freelance and willing to relocate for interesting projects. [RESOLVED AT THE MOMENT] Downloadable link Shot breakdown Still Frames See also Liquids Reel Traditional Art Gallery LinkedIn Imdb Thank you for your consideration!
  5. Hey all, I've just been messing around with pyro in Houdini12.1 and can't seem to get the smoke_color out in anything but PBR. Is there a reason for this? In PBR my smoke_mask and fire_mask passes are horrible as well, which they're not in RayTrace or MicroPolygon.. Thanks Christian
  6. Hi, I'm Nick Nimble, specialized in the simulation and rendering of: - Gases, such as: smoke, fire, fog and dust. - Liquids, such as water and viscous fluids like blood, toothpaste or caramel - Rigid objects, such as a collapsing building, blocks or a stack of products that fall. - Procedural effects, such as: a split-flap display, a digital sea with a large number of boats. Earlier this year I worked at Double Negative in London on Man of Steel as a Houdini FX TD. I'm from The Netherlands, I can work remotely or on site and I'm eglible to work in the european union. My reel and other information: http://www.nicknimble.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/nvanzutphen