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Found 174 results

  1. Skinos Mastiha Spirit

    VFX work for Skinos Mastiha Spirit TVC. I was responsible for the FX and shading/lighting of the pack shot scene. All FX done in Houdini Indie 14. Geometries transfered to 3ds max through alembic and rendered with VRay. All volumetrics rendered with Mantra. FX list: scene01/head - smoke solver and cloth (dry ice type atmosphere and hair ribbons) scene 02/diver - cloud FX (clouds) scene 03/girl - smoke solver (dry ice type atmosphere arond the dress) scene 04/frame - ocean FX (sea) scene 05/glasses - FLIP (liquid inside the diamond shapes) scene 06/mirror - cloth (cloth covering mirror) - for this one nCloth worked better scene 07/packshot - FLIP and RBD (liquid inside glass and ice cubes) Thanx for watching
  2. Hi, beginner here. I have a scene where I want a smoke pyro effect to billow out from under a car bonnet, but have run into a few problems. The mesh is all modelled in maya, exported using Alembic and then imported into Houdini. I've made sure the normals are all correct, the mesh is clean and is acting as a static object. The problem i'm having is any smoke that I produce underneath the 'bonnet' mesh passes right through without being effected. I've tried with both volume based collisions and non, and the problem persists. I've become aware that perhaps the problem is because the mesh is too thin and scaling the mesh up does actually fix it, but i'd prefer to keep the mesh at its current size as it already has camera's set up to it's scale for compositing. Any ideas? Appreciate your time.
  3. The Hero vs the Villain! Personal project. Wanted to do some massive house destruction, also had an idea about these two characters. Maybe you can recognize one of them xD Modeling: Maya. Destruction dynamics: Houdini. Rendering: Houdini, Mantra. Compositing: Nuke. More info in the video description
  4. How would I simply stop my smoke from emitting completely on a certain frame? I'm using Houdini 13 Thanks
  5. hi guys. i have a question, like subject. i must make smoke in destruction sim. i stuck smoke sim. when i played inside dopnet view, smoke was visible. but, up level(SOP level) view, smoke was invisible..... if this problem is viewport error????? why do this??????? if you don't understand my question, please look at this hip. (and just play one time...) thanks! cheer up everybody, and me...... dont_smoke.hip
  6. Smoke and Debris from RBD

    Hi guys, I'm working on a collapsing simulation and I'm not yet able to emit smoke from collision or from my deleting glue constraint. And I need to have some on the ground. And would it be better to do the debris before or after the smoke. Thanks in advance for your help! I've attached a file of a RBD collapsing. smoke_from_RBD.hipnc
  7. Dust questions

    Hey, Im a vfx student right now and I've been trying to learn houdini on my own for the past little while. For a class project I need to be able to have dust kick up from the ground for a vehicle landing, a rotor wash type effect. I was hoping smoeone here would be able to give me ideas on how I can at least get started.
  8. Pyro quick explosion

    Houdini pyro quick explosion test using particle source.
  9. SmokeyTheDragon

    Hey guys, I've been studying FX for the past 6 months at school and for my demo reel I chose a shot and decided to make a dragon made out of smoke... I got inspiration mostly from the Harry Potter movies and other mystical things and my fascination for Smoke Bomb Photography. The effects/animation/composting are done by me, the model is provided by Alex Obregon ( ... This is a link to his reel) . I couldn't of done it without him! The element is separated by key components of the dragon... For example both legs are separated, the torso, the skull, jaw... and so on. For the composting I've painted certain details and rendered them out as volume primitives to get some of the key details back from the dragon into the smoke simulation. Also, in the simulation you can see an obvious jump from one of the backlegs... I hadn't noticed this until this morning after rendering out the simulation and am now working on it now. This is also only half of the simulation... the rest will be uploaded shortly. (Friday, just in times for weeklies!) Thanks guy, I appreciate your feedback immensely! I'm planning on wrapping up this simulation and having my breakdown by the end of this month. The password is "odforce" ... no quotations (because I love you guys!) The first video is it over black in a turntable (shakey, I'm working on fixing it) the second video is it over the plate... the composting is still a work in progress and as of now this is just a quick slap comp.
  10. Hello guys! I would like to ask you what do you think it would be the best approach to absorb a volume in a DOP simulation in Houdini. I thought of one but it might be wrong: Creating a spherical volume, then with Volume VOPS storing the gradient into an attribute and using it as a scaled force inside the DOP network. What do you think? Is there any other approach it comes to your mind? Thanks!
  11. Controlling Fluids Along Curves

    I have been playing around trying to really pick up the microsolvers and decided I would try and 'push' a fluid along a curve. Here is my attempt which works but I am feeling a different look. Right now the fluid gets pulled and it looses its smoke movement and ends up looking like an animated fog volume that grows along a curve. Ultimately I want to achieve a 'hand of god' look (reference) with a mix of death eater that is pushed along like a channel of wind. I am thinking maybe a base volume the advect pops but I am curious if any of you have some other trickery for doing this with fields and volumes? it would be cool to get some licks of smoke spring off the curve path and dissipate but I am not quite sure the best direction for art direction and control. (I know the shredding and turb are causing the weird swirling. I did that to see if I could force the smoke out of the curve velocity field so it would dissipate and float away) Thanks ahead! VolumeControl.hip VolumeControl.mov
  12. Dust Smoke Techniques

    Hey All! I have been surfing the forums and just checking out some of the different techniques. I am curious to see some of the latest techniques we have for handling plumy dust. I still use the LoRes to PopAdvect to HiRes method for most of my problems but I am curious what other people have come up with! Can't wait to hear back!
  13. Solutions for whispy smoke trail?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create small explosions of fireworks, seen in Harry Potter (1:23 - 1:25): I've created the particle explosion, but now I'm struggling a lot with creating the whispy smoke trail the those particles leave. I see tutorials about those big, high density smoke trails (rocket smoke trails for example), but not about subtle, low-density, whispy smoke trails. What would be a good solution to create this kind of effect? I've added my hipnc file so far, with the explosion, if that may be of any help. Thanks a lot in advance! Felix fireworks.hipnc

    These are some Fun works created during my spare time. Animation is from maya as alembic file. I used trail sop to calculate velocity of the motion FLIP MAN SMOKE MAN
  15. Hi all. I've been learning much about smoke sims in the last few weeks. I have here a smoke test and I'd like to improve it. There's a number of issues going on here, but the first one I'd like to get to the bottom of is the way the smoke is popping (pops) into existence. In the clip below, the popping starts happening 3sec in, but you can particularly see it from 8secs onwards. Solid blocks of smoke appearing before they start dispersing - way too rapidly. So what's happening is that I have a large (110, 3, 60) voronoi fractured terrain that suddenly cracks all the way through the middle and then starting from the camera pieces start falling away. I'm using a 'delete' sop that's deleting geometry that isn't moving (v<0.9). So the blocks of smoke that suddenly appear are when the terrain pieces start falling fast enough to go into the smoke source. And the smoke sim is a cluster system with ten points. But it's too sudden and strong, how can I make them fade in? I'd appreciate it if anyone could give some input on this and on any of the other issues I'm seeing in this smoke test. (Other issues being the stair stepping in the close to camera smoke, and that the turbulence and dispersion? seems much too high. I'd like to slow the smoke down a lot.) 'cheers, Simeon
  16. I have been at this project for a while now and am so sick of this not working. I just can't seem to make the tornado spin around the right way and be more directed by the particle movement. Can someone tweak this and give it back or merely give some suggestions based on the file? That would be awesome! Description: Particles emitting from circle based on surfaces. Volume from Tube for velocity input. Made normals controller to direct toward center of tunnel and down. Emitting fluid from particles using pyro solver from the billowy smoke shelf tool. Thanks so much!! Tornado with fluid_fuel try3.hip
  17. Gas Upres Retime Shaping Issue

    I've added the gas upres node in a duplicate of my dopnet (smoke simulation only no combustion). I have exported the vel, density fields for the original sim. Then I animate the absolute frame in the upres node (starts at 1- 50F and then slows down). However the retimed sim looks similar but more smooth out, like a mushroom cloud instead of thick and thin layers blending together. I tired to introduce some turbulence from the upres node but it doesnt solve the problem. It's as if the sim became more thicker and blobby. My only solution right now is retiming from the original sim via timescale animation and counteranimating dissipation, turbulence when the smoke slows down. Any ideas how I can do a proper retime with the gasupres node (also look at how the shelf tools set up the network).
  18. Hi, Thank you for this forum.I need a little help from you guys.I am advecting particles by volume of smoke.I animated the scale source volume in the source density to detach smoke from the source and disperse the remaining one.Kind of a gradual fade out effect.How can I have particles disappear the same way?Currently they keep going.Any way to map the data of scalar volume to say alpha of the particles? Or is there any other way? Thank you.
  19. Hi, I am having some problem creating sharp and thin smoke using wispy smoke.I am a new user and not very proficient at Houdini but I have been trying on my own, gathering information from the forum. In a nutshell, I am trying the effect of a woman emitting smoke from her body.For this I shot the model on green screen, extracted the key and used the trace and scatter sop in Houdini.I have set my simulation.Since I wanted fine smoke, with more details, sharpness and crispness, I searched for the 'how to' get that and came across the 'ink effect' technique using millions of particles. I advected my particles with simulation, however, I think I am missing something.It is not retaining the shape of my sim.My idea is to use the technique to add finer details. Could you kindly take a look at my hipnc file and tell me what am I doing wrong?Is it that smoke is too thick with too many scattered points or am I doing something wrong in the particle network?Or may be there is a way to achieve what I want without getting into particles? I have intentionally reduced the number of particles temporarily. * Also is there any way to control opacity of particles with the sim density? The files below include the hipnc file, a few frames of alpha keys to be loaded into the trace sops, and a few frames of advection test render.This for some reason didn't let me attach the zip file so I am using dropbox. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42878955/wispysmoke_advection.zip Thank you for your help.
  20. Hello everyone, I have some serious problems with the simulation time of my Smoke. Suddenly, from frame 69 to frame 70 the SDF calculation for the density source is taking for ever. But there are no major changes in the source geometry. The normal SDF calculation time ranges between several seconds but starting at frame 70 it takes 20min plus. (The source is the geometry from a fractured bulding) Where sould i start to look for a solution? Thank you in advance, Lukas
  21. steering large billowy smoke

    Hey guys, I have a large billowing smoke sim a wall of smoke from different sources. I need to steer the volume, like have it turn at a certain point. What is the best approach to steering or having thick volumes follow a vector. Right now I've tried guiding the smoke using pumps by making some geo that acts as a wall with custom velocity vectors to push to smoke around. It sort of works but the smoke expands a bit too much and doesn't really seem like its being directed, also seems to lose it's volume. any tips would be appreciated
  22. Hi, I have set up a pyro dynamic that is driven by a some particles that swirls on a geometry box. I would really appreciate if someone can take a look at it and tell me what I can do to improve this. Its a system that lets the particles grow on a painted surface and the idea for me is to adapt this to other geometry later. Then I need to make the smoke and fire to look as realistic as it could be. I have also noticed that the flames are a bit not sharp / blurry in a way when doing a couple of frames in the render view. Im very new to Houdini so please explain to me a way that a newie can understand, I dont have a coding background, but use a lot of time to try to understand Houdini. Thanks. Stig pyro_test_SO.hipnc
  23. I have a smoke sim. I want to reduce velocity in the area inside of small box (like in pic). I want to have opportunity to fill this area with custom velocity. Thanks.
  24. Hey everyone! So I've been working on this tornado sim for quite some time. I have the particles doing what I want them to, but adding the smoke sim has given me a ton of trouble. I've gotten the particles to emit the smoke, but I can't get the smoke to follow the particle path, it just creates a ton and becomes a horizontal effect as opposed to a vertical tornado 0_o. What I think it comes down to is, how do drive the smoke with the velocity and direction of the particles to keep it from sprawling out all over the place and staying contained in the walls of the tornado? If anyone could take a look at my scene and help me out I would greatly appreciate it:) Brandon Tornado_WIP_V4.hip
  25. 2014's resolutions

    How are your New Year's Resolutions coming along? I think that in the upcoming year quit a few things will be come more obvious, clearer but just not quite yet ;-) '2014 The year where things become clearer'