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Found 161 results

  1. Hey Guys , i have a scattered points on a surface , and this points have noise as their color , i want to make a volume from those points , and also multiply volume density with points color , but cant find any way to transfer attribute from points to volumes . is there any solution to make this happen ? thanks
  2. i want fade my volume when its near to other objects , anyone know how can i do this with volume vop or other solutions ? thanks
  3. Hello. I was wondering – can anyone think of a way to compute a SSS point cloud that treats closed, overlapping geometry as a single volume. I have meshes that would be very tedious to unify, and I doubt poly -> VDB -> union -> poly -> reduce can give me a crisp enough result. Alas I don't have enough insight into the workings of how SSS point clouds are mapped onto polygonal geometry, but wondered if a volumetric approximation of the meshes with sufficient resolution could serve as the basis (somehow). Any ideas / suggestions welcome.
  4. I would really appreciate help with doing the simplest possible volume render using RenderMan in Houdini. I always just get a black image. I think my issue is that I don't know how to set up a volume shader... A sample .hip file, or just telling me which nodes to use, would be very appreciated.
  5. Hi I am trying to rotate a volume so it aligns with the original geometry. (align along x axis - convert to volume - revert back to original place) I tried setting the primintrinsic, but the pivot point is shifted relative to the original geometry, there is a way to specify the desired pivot for the matrix? Any ideas? Thanks) volume_rotate_v01.hip
  6. Volume convolution on the GPU using OpenCL. For 27M voxels using 100 iterations, OpenCL is 650 times faster than C++ and 12525 times faster than VEX.
  7. Hello everyone. I am doing a FLIP sim where I have a jug with liquid, add some custom velocity to make a vortex like movement of the fluid and then cut them so the fluid can go to rest. As you can see on the screenshot, the fluid is loosing volume. Is there a way to retain the original fluid level withouth adding some extra emitters? I am guessing probably the solver is killing some of the particles. Thank you.
  8. hi i`m houdini beginner so i don`t know as well i have lots questions... my question is i want make dust sotrm and fog effect in houdini and want make detail my pyro effect how can i use displacement at volume and how make more detail pyroclastic i tried manytimes but i can`t make nice result... please someone give me advice and i`m sorry i can`t use english aswell.. so my question is 1. how can make fog effect in houdini 2. how can i use displacement at volume 3. how can i make detail pyroclastic thanks for read my questions and sorry to ask basic at here i hope someone reply to my question have a nice day and thank you i`m looking like this dust storm - i looking like this fog - i`m looking like this pyroclastic
  9. Hi awesome guys on odforce, I am currently trying to optimize my volume render and I am a bit confused what is the relationship between volume quality and stochastic samples? How they contribute to the final sample beings send on the volume? How should I balance them? Any ideas are welcome!
  10. H15 Pyro 3 Noise

    I am having trouble getting noise working with my pyro sim in Houdini 15 with the new pyro 3 shader. I might be doing in wrong. I have enabled rest field in both my pyro solver and in my pyro object node. After enabling noise to my Fire Intensity Field, I get no noise even when I have dual rest fields. I have tried this for the Fire Temperature field as well. I have attached my renders with and without noise, my settings, as well as my hip file. M y goal is to get some more small color variations in my explosion post-sim. volumeNoiseHelp.hip
  11. How to deform a volume with Geometry

    Hello everyone, does anyone can help me, I just have no idea. What is the better way to go for? Thanks Carrier_cloudStorm_Playblast_003.mov
  12. How to deform a volume with Geometry

    Hello everyone, does anyone can help me, I just have no idea. What is the better way to go for? Thanks Carrier_cloudStorm_Playblast_003.mov
  13. Delete part of Volume Cache

    Hi guys, Any ideas on how to delete part of a volume cache using some soft of a bbox? Image below. Using the box to delete that part of the cached volume. Thanks
  14. Hi, we are turning some animated geometry (alembic, non-deforming animation) into clouds, but because we want the noise of the clouds to be in local space (not be affected by the animation), I am trying to work out how to apply the animation after the creating the clouds referencing the intrinsic transform of the alembic. Using an AttributeVOP, I've managed to copy the intrinsic:packedfulltransform of the animated alembic, on to the intrinsic:transform of the static alembic model. I am still trying to get my head around the difference between matrix3 and matrix4 for these transform. Is there a general rule to which matrix type is used in each case? intrinsic:packedfulltransform is matrix4, intrinsic:transform in packed primitives is matrix3, but intrinsic:transform in VDB is matrix4. So what I put together and works for packed geometry or simple volumes, doesn't work with VDBs unless if I pack them before hand. Also my understanding is that intrinsic:packedfulltransform and intrinsic:packedlocaltransform are not writable and I can only change intrinsic:transform . Is that right? thank you
  15. Hello, I'm trying to displace the surface of a VDB along it's Gradient/Normal, to expand the functionality of the Orbolt Rock Generator. I followed the way it is shown at the end of this masterclass "Working with Noise". Any scaling parameters don't seem to have any affect in H15. The setup in this tutorial seems broken to me. I need this to work with a Unified Noise set to Alligator. In all attempts of me trying to recreate the approach from the masterclass, the Unified Noise only seems to displace into a world vector direction set by the "Final Amplitude" and not along the Gradient/Normal. Any help appreciated, Magnus ShapingNoise_Volumes_003_ODFORCE.hipnc
  16. Hi Houdini 14/15 scatter node is slightly different to 13. I understand there was a thread about this talking about the Attribute Bias option but what if you're scattering points within your geo/volume and not on the surface. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=37345&highlight=&sid=7851375fa44ef5f63c8fa9aa751b4cfe It used to be you IsoOffset and the Scatter node would pick up on it. Any ideas? EDIT: Point Jitter does have some use but does have its limitations
  17. Hello, I have posted blog post explaining some concepts of volume displacement and how to do it with Arnold (in Houdini but possibly in other packages supporting Arnold as well). link Hope somebody will find it useful. Juraj
  18. I'm trying to get attributes from a volume and group them by whatever data type they are. I was able to get the float type attributes imported, but I'm having difficulties with the vector types. My plan was to use the attribsize function to separate the attributes per type, but I believe that my code at the moment isn't looking in the right place. int attribType = attribsize(0,"prim",attributes); printf("Attrib %s = %s\n", attributes, attribType); If you have any ideas or solutions it'll be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hi, Currently Im exploring houdini fractals with the help of a Tutorial from CmiVFX. ( Houdini Fractals ) Unfortunately I have a strange issue I´m not getting solved by my own. I´ve created a Volume Object with a Smoke Material applied but the density is controled by a cvex Shader. In the Render Tab of the Volume Geo I refer to the VEX Volume Procedural with the relative path : "shopnet1/vm_geo_vexvolume1" If I do it that way the Volume Obj is too small in the render View. ( Thats the way its done in the Tutorial ) I discovered that If I do not refer to the geometry SHOP here, the Volume displays correct in the rendering. I would be thankful for some explanation because I would like to understand that situation before I dive deeper into this topic. I hope the problem is somehow understandable...I attached a scene file as well. kind regards Jon proceduralVolume_prob.hipnc
  20. I wanna to get the tornado effect with custom velocity points which run around the the curve. You can check the link below https://vimeo.com/55128796 test.hip
  21. Just curious if anyone has recreated fStretch or similar a volume preservation method inside Houdini? fStretch - Softimage version - Are there any papers on this sort of thing?
  22. Volume deform tool

    Hi, I tried to do a tool that will enable user to deform volume by lattice. Here you can find my results. I found many many good example files on this forum so I thought I would share this Hope you will like it Juraj project.hipnc
  23. Hi guys, sorry to annoy you but I am just entered in the "world" of VFX and CG and I need your help I am trying to create a shot of a boat moving. I have created a collision geometry, a proxy volume, and run the simulation (particle separation is always 0.03). Once I converted the particles to volume and then to polygon soup, I noticed that the water moved by the bow is wrong: there is a small "gap" between the bow and the water, as if something is between them. I am posting 2 screenshot of the particle simulation and the conversion to volume. Thank you for your help I don't know if you can see it but the lower part of the volume is correctly attached to the boat, but then the distance increases... Cheers, Lazza 79
  24. Exploding RBD's in FLIP fluid

    Hi Guys, I need some expert advice and insights on this project I'm working on. I'm doing some RnD first before moving to bigger scale so I can provide you guys with the HIP file. The objects however (barrels and table pieces) I cannot share with you. But maybe there's something in the dop nodes or solvers that you can spot right away. I'm working on a flood scene where there's a lot of debris and rubble that needs to be transported by the water. Please have a look at the video. The barrels seems to acquire a spin which at one point is out of control! I can imagine this could be the rotational stiffness... but the exploding (and stuck) piece of table is still a mystery at the moment. As you can see I'm also having trouble controlling the buoyancy of the objects in the fluid. Right now I use the density to try and float pieces but it's not entirely working the way I want it. To sum it up: - The wooden planks need to float - barrels need less spin and need to be embedded more in the fluid. - the tables obviously need to stop launching like superman . any advice or tips are greatly appreciated . High-RBD_count-in-fluid-006.hip
  25. Can Houdini generate motion vector pass for Volumes using raytrace Engine? If Yes, Please share how and How can we optimise it for faster rendering. I have tried using micropolygon but it is very slow.