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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys! This forum has been immensely useful on my journey of using and learning Houdini, and for once I am finally trying to apply my new knowledge and make a present for someone special to me and today is the last day I get to work on it, for this last part I need to have some clouds moving around on screen (I'm creating a surrealistic cloudscape with some floating cloud objects) but I have an issue! Okay so the issue is, I can create a normal geometry object inside of Houdini from the shelf tools (Such as a normal box) and apply a cloud rig to it, then key frame it in one position at frame 1 and then at frame 10 at another location moving the box_object1 node then it animates fine and the cloud floats from point 1 to point 2 between frames 1 & 10. However in the very same scene if I import a custom geometry (In this case a fairly low detailed heart nothing insane just a 3D Heart shape) and create a cloud rig from it it looks GORGEOUS but if I scrub forward in the timeline it disappears! the gizmo is still there but it is not, so trying to set a keyframe at frame 1 then going to frame 10 to set another doesn't work because the object is invisible. I am still moving the heart object thing like I was the box, what's the difference here? Is this possible at all? I really need to be able to do this to finish the present on time and I have been trying to solve this myself the last 2 days alone and am just so frustrated I figured I would turn over to you guys, thoughts? What I need to be able to do: Animate custom cloud geometry (Created with cloud rig) across the scene. Issue: The cloud object disappears after I move the timeline anywhere past frame 1 so I can't even animate it because I can't see it I feel there is some insanely obvious easy answer to this problem I am not quite getting or some concept I don't understand but I am still fairly new to Houdini so I apologize if so. Thank you SO SO SO much for ANY basic help you give in this situation because I am on such a tight deadline I am thinking for the first time in my life renting freaking rendering farm time just to get this thing out in time, but first I need to be able to move my custom clouds! I have tried SOOO much other software trying to do this and this is the only one I get close to it on. Thank you! - Damien P.S. I can attach a project file if I have too but I figured this might be simple enough to might not need one, but if you do I will gladly!