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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a solution to this user interface things that happens to me sometimes. When I'm dragging on a vector field in the transform sop, I lose access to the other 2 parameters. In this case it's really bad, it seems that All by transforms are now this way ! For example, in this screen shot, I was dragging the value ladder.. I lost X and Z and only have Y. I have tried clicking on the gear and "Reset Parameter Interface" but it doesn't do anything.
  2. Hi Everyone, Basically what Im trying to do is stick some scattered points on road to a tyre object using XYZ dist and prim uv. I am having static and moving tyre then I subtract the point position of one with the other to get the difference in the movement and exported that as @d attribute, Now on the scattered points Im searching the closest primitive of the tyre using XYZdist Then I'm extracting the @d from that primitive using primitiveAttribute VOP (primuv) and add it to the @P of the points . So it get the movement of the tyre. What I get is only the points which are near to the tyre on its initial frame are getting sticked. Can some one please give me an Idea how to do this.. I know we can do this easily with POPs Im doing this only to learn more vex. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi there , i am a Houdini noob so my question could be stupid..... i have to make a 3D city so i started learning houdini and now i am learning procedural city by CMIVFX there is this small detail that is bothering me which is why the world XYZ orientation on his viewport is oriented like 3Ds MAX (Z is the upward ) while in my viewport (Y upward ) ??