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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have recently created a set of 70+ HDAs called the IPOPs that aim at creating AOVs, Mattes & features for rendering. IPOPs are operator workflows designed to streamline shaders and AOV development in Houdini. With our toolset, artists can easily standardise their networks and access specially developed nodes for various renderers and presets, increasing efficiency and creativity. Get the IPOPs here! Renders in Karma & Mantra. 1. The Standard Library: Set of HDAs that help artists create quick shaders and AOVs and contain useful Utility Nodes such as Fresnel for Karma (CPU & XPU), Mask Falloffs in Shaders etc. The HDA library is constantly updated with new nodes to assist artists in speeding up their workflow and creating a streamlined system thereby increasing efficiency and creativity. 2. The Geometry AOVs: A set of remade common geometry AOVs for artists to quickly generate AOVs, Mattes & Utility Passes for Compositing. 3. The Particles AOVs: A set of remade useful particle AOVs for artists to quickly generate AOVs, Mattes & Utility Passes for Compositing. 4. The Volumes AOVs: A set of remade volume AOVs for artists to enhance their FX using AOVs, Mattes & Utility Passes for Compositing. We have a wide range of Bundles available for various workflows & we support both Houdini Apprentice & Houdini Indie! For any enquiries please email support@chakshuvfx.com I will be posting constant updates and developments here. IPOPs Master bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie IPOPs Geometry AOVs bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie IPOPs Particles AOVs bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie IPOPs Volumes AOvs bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie
  2. Hello ! I try to create motion vector from 2D animation sequence for using in game engine (unreal). I try first to render the result of volume optical flow using volume slice and gamebaker but there no files when I press render and no error message neither. What I'm doing wrong ? Thanks a lots motionvector.zip
  3. Hi, I have been researching for a while how to export motion vectors from houdini mantra to nuke... and it wasn't easy.... For starters Nuke seems to swap the R and G values for some reason.... which did not make easy the to troubleshoot And I am still a bit confuse between the diference of camera space and ndc space though I kind of understand why I need to use ndc space. this is what I got so far I hope it helps anyone that uses this. And if by any chance someone knows a better workflow it would be much appreciated. test_MV - Newandimproved.hip
  4. Hi there, I'm having a hard time exporting some motion vectors out of Mantra. I used a method that was described in this forum. Two get blur nodes, one set to 0 and the other one to 1. Subtracted them and piped into a custom direction vector attribute which I used to render out an image plane in Mantra. Unfortunately I'm not getting any motion vector in the exr file. The image plane is black and when trying to use it with a vector blur in Nuke or a velocity blur in Houdini's comp area nothing happens.
  5. Hi, recently I watched this breakdown. I am not sure that I understood how author did collisions with fluids. It seems to me like he generated motion vectors in compositing application (Nuke's vector generator?) and then somehow transferred it to houdini where he generated velocity field based on those vectors? But I don't understand how one can transfer 2D motion data from one camera to 3D. It isn't possible, is it? I'd say that for such collisions proxy geometry must be animated. Like in this video (1:00) Do you have experience with integrating real footage collisions with fluid sims? Are there any workflows that can speed up this process? Thanks, Juraj
  6. I'm trying to generate a motion vector pass for use in Nuke later. The way I've usually done it is like this, inside a shader: http://imgur.com/tSbatjM Well that's not working now, and strangely if I set all the motion blur settings to 0 but I enable motion blur I still get motion blur. http://imgur.com/7htfLLi When I change the shutter time setting on the camera in the scene, that seems to be influencing the motion blur. http://imgur.com/gNgKfru Is there any way I can extract a useable motion vector pass for Nuke from what the camera is seeing, or am I going about this all wrong?
  7. Hi, I have been working on a motion vector pass for Volumes in Houdini specially for version13 for few days now, and after looking at some forums and and files with little bit of tweaking I have a version. Two Actually. Please look at the pass in action in the video Below. I just want to know, what more to do and what to tweak need to be done to it (& how) to make this production usable. I have uploaded the file below, if you want to look at the file/ tweak it. Please suggest, which one is more usable, the one with Full Opacity filtering or the other one? And what do I do abiut the jitter on the pass? Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks to the people whose posts I refered to, to reach this far as I am just few weeks old with houdini.motionVectors2v2.hip
  8. Can Houdini generate motion vector pass for Volumes using raytrace Engine? If Yes, Please share how and How can we optimise it for faster rendering. I have tried using micropolygon but it is very slow.
  9. Please excuse me guys,I am new to Houdini and I was trying to generate few passes of Pyro in Houdini but unfortunately I was unable to achieve those,I hope you guys would help me in resolving the following issues I have faced. I have enclosed my project as well as rendered .exr files for your consideration. 1)How can I generate motion vector pass by using Raytrace Engine in Houdini 14 Build 14.0.291 ? 2) I have generated few passes in houdini please check .exr file but I am unable to see fire and smoke mask in nuke though these masks are visible in Houdini Image Viewer.Please also explain how can I comp them together especially motion vector? 3) Can you explain me should I render Pyro using raytrace engine or PBR,I find raytrace engine fast and more efficient than PBR ,please correct me what I am doing wrong or how can I speed up my PBR rendering without compromising the quality? 4) Is there a way I can add displacement to my Pyro ? 5) How I can generate Volume Light Pass ? 6) How I can generate RGB pass ? Thanks in anticipation. Houdini_Pass_Projects.rar Pyro_Pass.rar
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