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Found 3 results

  1. Hello; Is there any node that computes the Acceleration attribute (something like Trail SOP -> Compute Velocity)? Actually, in a particle simulation, I need that attribute. Thanks for helping.
  2. Is there a way to calculate the angular velocity from spinning points that only hold "N" "v" and "up", without using the trail SOP?
  3. Need help with simple VEX function

    Hello! New Houdini user here with barely 3 weeks in... so please bare with me I'm trying to write a small VEX function/expression to translate an object along it's Y axis by an exponential function... like gravity. The math behind is simple but I'm having trouble expressing it in VEX... I tried the following line with a VEX attribute wrangle node on a default sphere and it's giving me errors and the sphere just disappears on the 1st frame: t.y = t.y + (9.8 * ($T ^ 2)); If someone could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it thank you :-)