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Found 7 results

  1. Volume Advection

    Hey everyone, I'm advecting this density field with the velocity field using a for loop, and if I crank up the iteration the density starts to clip. Do you have any idea how to prevent that? volume_advection_clipping.hiplc
  2. Hey guys, I'm making a smoke a sim of a person blowing out smoke (vape smoke) and when the smoke starts to dissipate and get's close to fully disappearing the resize fluid dynamic container just shrinks and clips that area entirely. Looks very jarring and obvious fake. I don't know why this is happening. It still happens when I increase my substeps to 3 so I don't think that's the issue. When it's at substeps 1 - the clipping still occurs but more smoothly (if that matters). I've attached my scene file and a flipbook of the crime. I'd really appreciate any help with this! Smoke_03_ForReddit.hip Pyro Clipping_For Reddit 2.mp4
  3. Hi, rookie question: Why is it that when I import an Alembic camera from Maya into Houdini, it makes the whole scene insanely large. The camera moves a massive distance and as such I am forced to create massive grids and simulations with attributes set to numbers in the thousands. This is really hard to work with and creates clipping problems if you move close to the geometry, which i cant seem to fix even in display options. I'll attach the scene file and the ABC camera file (not sure how to attach them in the same file). So import the ABC file yourselves Basically the camera is leading a car straight along a road and there is going to be a dust storm in the background and also dust trailing behind the car. If you convert the tube in the scene to Billowy Smoke, it comes up with a warning saying 'Object level scales detected. A new object has been created to convert to world space'. Which I suppose is a way of saying 'Hey, your scene is super massive and could be fixed somehow'. I'd like to know if there is some way to import the same camera, but have the scene scaled to a suitable size so i dont have to put huge numbers in while experimenting with smoke, particles etc. Thanks Scene01.hipnc Camera Alembic.abc
  4. Hi, I (think I) have a problem with my far clipping plane. My render doesn't catch the objects in the back while I do see them in my viewport. I am aware of the 1 to million ratio that I can't exceed, but my objects are about 70 units away so I don't see why that should be a problem. Help:(
  5. HI everybody. I'm experiencing a nasty inconsistency between the viewport and render when trying to set the near and far clip of a camera. I've also managed to reproduce the problem with Houdini14 but not with Houdini12 (infact the 12 doesn't give any problem). In the first pic you can see how the scene is setted: a very basic one, some cubes in a row and the camera above them. In the second image I've clipped the view trying to include only the 2 middle cubes. But when I try to render the scene I get something completely different Infact in order to render the scene correctly in the viewport as I want I have to double the parameters of near and far; obviously this gets translated into a wrong result for what concern the render. The parameters in this case are near 20, far 32 for a correct result in the viewport; near 10 and far 16 for the correct result in the render. Obviously what I want is to get them right with the same settings (the correct ones are the render ones) Is there some setting that I'm missing? Here is the simple scene test_clip.hip Thanks in advance test_clip.hip
  6. Fluid Container Clipping

    Hey guys, Hello dear Odforce-Community Im a young CG-Artist, using Houdini for a year or so now (not as my main 3d package) I have a problem with the dynamic resizing of my fluid container. The container is "clipping" the fluid and dont resize correct. I cant explain why it is so, because the "Fire"-Fluid-Container resize correct only the blue "Ice"-Fluid-Container resize incorrect. But the settings in the two containers are nearly the same. The "Bounds" settings in the resize_container couldnt help me.....:/ Here the video: http://vimeo.com/112612980 around 0:04 sec you can see the clipping on the left side The .hip file of the szene is attached. clipping_container.fbx.hipnc
  7. Hi guy, I am currently creating an explosion effect underneath water using FLIP fluids. So there would be lots of water thrown up in the air very quickly, however I am encountering an issue. There seems to be some sort of clipping going on within the fluid container. I have attached a couple of images so you can see what I mean, it also seems to be worse the lower I have the separation set. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how to stop it from happening? Thanks in advance