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Found 22 results

  1. Just posting this here in case anyone is interested. Based on this job posting it looks like SideFX has some big plans for COPs that look pretty exciting. https://sidefx.bamboohr.com/careers/90
  2. Hi, brand spankin' new to COPS, can anyone tell me how I could quickly generate a simple gradient ramp? I know how to get the COP onto my texture, just not sure how to generate the actual gradient. Thanks!
  3. "Loops" is my latest Houdini.School class covering process loops like for, for-each, while and do/while loops. I'll illustrate numerous examples that will focus on SOPs, VOPs, VEX, COPs, and LOPs. Learn more about the class and enroll here: https://www.houdini.school/courses/hs-231-loops
  4. Hi there, I have gone through the forum and I could not find a solution to this problem, so please forgive me if it exists. The sad part is I totally figured this out months ago through trial and error and never saved the file somewhere that I could revisit it apparently ( silly me ! ). So I have made some flat tapered grids that represent disco lights ( light cones but flat ) and have coloured and animated them rotating with sin() and added a camera. Because this is for a 2D style project, there is no shading or lights required. The shader is literally just the Cd attribute plugged into emission with random colours per prim. What I would like to do is use COPS to render my scene as it's way faster to do this for something that has no real lighting. I just cannot figure out how to get : 1) the same view as the camera, but in cops 2) the colour information to show up. It's always cops that trips me up. lol. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I'm approaching something in H/Redshift which I've not really attempted before - So was interested to see if there were any thoughts surrounding it. Basically I'm trying to recreate the soft/feathered gradient seen in the attached ref image. The inner hard edge I'm planning to achieve with some transformed geo floating above the grid below, however the super subtle feathering is challenging me a little. At first I though of using a simple attribVOP on a grid > point Cd. However I'm nut sure how to achieve the outer feather using that technique... Similarly with an attrib transfer from geo > grid it seems not very feasible to get the extreme feather unless the mesh is crazy high res? I'm continuing to experiment & look through forum threads, but if anyone has some suggestions/tut links/examples etc. would be very much appreciated! (Worth noting system = H17.5.258 & RS 2.6.43) Thanks in advance!
  6. This is probably a simple question, but I cannot figure out how to grab a array detail attribute from /obj in my COP Snippet. I am trying to render an image where each pixel contains part of my detail attrib array, as follows: int test_array[] = detail("op:/obj/oinkster", "test_array"); R = G = B = test_array[1]; This is all inside of a VOP COP2 Generator... Where am I going wrong?
  7. Why in the Composite view, the merge node is not showing the result of all the shapes combined ? Also how can you repeat a merged shape along either the X or Y with an offset ?
  8. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. I have some questions about texture browsing in Houdini: 1) In texture path, how can I reset image history? 2) Is there any option to browse COPs oprators (like CTRL + Click on file browser)? Thanks.
  9. Hi there, I am building an infection solver in uv space using a vop generator network. I now need a way to run operations successively like in a solver sop and I am unsure how to go about this. I could take my data into dops and then back out again but I don't know how I would go about this as the dops data flow still has me a bit boggled. This video seems to do it. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, I'm trying to replicate COP workflow from Simon Holmedal, in the video below about 29:00 he folding UV coordinate VOPCOP filter... I can't make it work... Any Idea? Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, I never went into COPs, but I saw a talk of Simon Homeldal, and get inspired. So, in this talk, he's doing some manhattan noise and use as displacement, he also does some operations to get mirrored effects and masking/sharping stuff. My main goal is to, for example if I have a triangle UV island, how can I select the border, extrude inwards to create that border, add some detail (ie substracting manhattan noise) and use that as displacement? Any good tutorial or read on COPs will be useful, did some research but there is not much information on that subject. If anybody want to see the talk (amazing one) here's the link: Cheers!
  12. Hi everyone. I am trying to "copy" images onto my imported point positions in cops. In the example file, you will see that I have successfully imported my point position into cops, but I am not sure how I can go about placing an image (the center of that image) on a point coordinate? obviously I would want to control the size of that image once placed but I can cross that bridge when I get there. Thanks in advance. texture_placement_odforce.hip
  13. I am trying to edit a texture using cop2net or img network. I can do the edit of the image alright, but in my principled shader, trying to refer to that image it wont work. shouldn't I be able,in my bump map slot on the principled shader, to input a relative path like: ../../cop2net1/Bump_map/OUT/ or in case of img network: /img/Bump_map/OUT/ I have not used cops before, so maybe I am doing something wrong. Do I need to force it to export into other context? any help is appreciated. cheers
  14. I have a COPS setup of ~25 nodes. I'm trying to comp a sequence of about 10,000 frames and I see a memory leak. Every frame adds about 20MB to used RAM. Given the length of the sequence, I keep running out of RAM. Is there a way around it, e.g. some kind of a COPS node that frees up memory or some other workaround? In Compositing Settings, I've already lowered the max comp resolution to the minimum I need, and the bit depth to the acceptable minimum (8-bit) but the leak is still here. Win 7 x64, Houdini 16
  15. Hi guys, I'm using the mosaic node in COPS to create texture atlas's for games. All renders from Houdini seem to work fine using the mosaic node. However often I use aftereffects/other software to add extra motion blur etc to my renders - save them back out as exr's or png's and then take into Houdini COPS to put together the texture atlas - However I keep running into the same issue which is; The mosaic node incorrectly interpolates my images. For example I may have 120frames - set the images per line to 10 and max images to 100 - so it should show the first 100 frames right? not in my case it seems to start the atlas from a random frame and not always show all the sequence REGARDLESS of mosaic node or preference settings with tile size etc. Someone suggested it may be memory contrsaints due to the huge size of the mosaic it creates but to me that shouldn't affect it interpolating the image sequence in the correct order and knowing which is the first and last frame - I would attatch a scene file but that would require me providing a render which I currently an unable to do but will try and get one that I cant get to work uploaded for others to try. - (See below I have attached a screenshot of the exact issue - the input sequence contains 156 frames) Any ideas would be great as this is really annoying and rather confusing - My only thought is naming conventions and the mosaic node needs or wants a constant frame number with the same amount of digits - 001 through to 100 etc. - Just tested this theory and no changes so it cant be that, unless Houdini just hates non Houdini renders or file types
  16. From SideFX' tutorials on UV Basics III, I understand that you can connect to an image brought in and edited in the /img context (via the null node, named OUT for example), and then reference it in other contexts, specifically the /mat context, via the syntax of op:/img/img1/OUT On the SideFX forums I got the suggestion of instead using op:/img/tex/OUT This is what I get. Actually, I get that whether I use “op:/img/tex/OUT” or the standard “op:/img/img1/OUT” Oddly, my material turns this light pink as opposed to the standard grey, either way, when I try to call in the texture from null node. I want to be able to edit my texture images with all kinds of colour corrections and procedural tools over in /img and then bring them in live into my shaders in /mat. What am I missing, or messing up?
  17. Hi... I'm looking to attempt some image manipulation using CHOP nodes. Having used the Image CHOP to access the individual pixel data I'm lost on the best way to Export it back to COP context. I'm guessing I could do it with the VopCop2Gen COP, but thought their might be a better (easier) way? Cheers!
  18. Hello! I'd like to share with you an interview with two FX artists from Naughty Dog who worked on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. In it, Neilan Naicker and Ray Popka talk about using Houdini for doing destruction, rigid body fracturing, ingame dynamic rivers/flowmap generation and spawning thousands of running chickens! See full interview here: http://www.sidefx.com/stories/fx-adventures-in-uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end/
  19. Hi, Im writing a COP using the full image filter sample. When I loop thru the image I get 0.0078125 Using a constant white color. If I put the default pic(butterfly) I get the same scale 0 to 0.0078125 Its the same if I cast the value to a float or get the value in plain uchar. Any idea, why? cheers, -A
  20. Hello all, Im trying to composit a set of images using some vops in the comps/img context. This works fine, however if I update the source images and recomposit, it still uses the old textures from memory. Since it uses a vopcop2gen to load the source images, I cannot use the "Reload Sequence" button as with the file input in cops. so I basically have to force clearing the cache. This is possible using the python shell with the "%texcache -c" command. My problem is that this function doesn't seem to be available outside the python shell, as it doesn't seem to work for callback scripts for instance. Does anybody know the proper syntax for using this function in a callback script, or a different workaround? Twan
  21. I simulated a fire with smoke and render it out with the smoke_color smoke_mask fire_color fire_mask planes, all in a exr file. Now I want to use them in the composite part of houdini (which I never used) but I can't understand how to separate and visualize them separately. I supposed the delete node was the answer, but finally it seems to be the wrong answer ... anyone have THE anser? Thanks!
  22. Hi, I just created a simple Lighting and rendering tutorial for Houdini. It's primarily for people who are moving over to houdini from another 3d software and want to get a general understanding of the lighting and rendering workflow. It covers basic topics such as Area lights , Environment lights, HDR , Mantra PBR settings and modifying HDRs using COPs. I also have a few other tutorials on my vimeo page that you can also go through if you are interested. Tutorial regards Rohan Dalvi
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