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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, In a small-size Flip-Fluid simulation, I would like to increase the outer particle density (on the surface of fluid). So I set these parameters: Particle separation = 0.006 Particle Radius = 1.3 Grid Scale = 1.1 Velocity Transfer = "APIC (Swirly)" Surface Oversampling = 40 Oversampling Bandwidth = 3 Surface Tension = 1 Sub-Step = 2 But the result is not satisfying! Outer particles are jittering and the surface is not even. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping.
  2. Hi guys, I have two RBD objects, floating on FLIP-fluid. I set the Density (mass) to 400 (lower than the fluid mass). When two objects are of the same amount of mass, they have to react in the same way, right? I mean in this case, they have to stay on the surface. The problem is the bigger object stays on the surface, but the smaller one sinks into the fluid: - How can I fix it? - How can I set the density(mass) in the SOP level (as an RBD source)? Thanks for helping. Floating RBDs.hip
  3. Hi guys, How can I make an interaction between a FLIP-Fluid and a vellum object? Is it possible? Thanks for helping. FLIP and Vellum Interaction_01.hip
  4. Hello I would like to create a Fluid-RBD interaction. But as you can see in the image below, the fluid pushes the rigid body so strongly. I need the rigid body to be a little bit heavy and to float on the fluid, based on its mass attribute. (Decreasing the "Feedback Scale", didn't help). Thanks for helping. RBD-FLIP Interaction_01.hip
  5. Hello guys, As you know, the default attribute value of "Density" in Flip-Fluid is 1000. Now, in a simulation with two amounts of "Densities" (e.g 1000 and 100), what is the best way to speed up the rising speed of low-density fluid particles? I want to force them to reach the fluid surface as fast as possible (maybe something like the buoyancy parameter, in the pyro solver). Thanks for helping.
  6. Hi guys, How can I apply different “Surface Tensions” to two parts of a FLIP-Fluid simulation? I tried to use the "Gas Surface Tension", but there is no attribute name tab or particle group name tab! I think some nodes like "SOP Scalar Field" or "Scalar Field" should be used to introduce the selected particles, but I don't know how to... Thanks for helping. Surface Tension.hip
  7. Hello; In a simple Flip simulation, I assigned an attribute (called "myAttrib") to the particles. Now I would like to change my attribute on some group of points over time. The "Gravity" node changes the position of particles, so I can't use "SOP Solver"... How can I change the attribute's value of (some) points, during the simulation? Thanks for helping. Flip_01.hip
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