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Found 6 results

  1. Burn vs Fuel

    Hello, I am following a few tutorials on how to make an explosion/fire. Some of them use the attribute burn and others use fuel. Can I please know if there is any difference between the two? Thank you very much.
  2. Pyro showing fuel in render?

    Hey, So i im having this small issue where I think the fuel? is showing in the render and it is ruining my pyro sim to look like a clean flame. I have density turned off, so there is no smoke and temp and heat are the only attributes being used in the material node. I'm assuming fuel is the source of the issue and it is being rendered through heat. Any ideas on how I can remove that small cloudy emission on top of the flame (in the picture below), in the video you can see it in the middle of the flame, you can see it on the 2nd and 3rd one but it doesn't seem to appear on the the black body one (1st one) It seems to only happen when I use the ramp to colour the flame
  3. Hi magicians, I was trying to create render passes for the fire, I want my temperature and fuel to be render as different render passes, I tried to use temperature and fuel as float in extra render images, but the problem is that, I am not been able to get it properly. what is the way to get render passes for temperature, fuel and heat in extra image details ? I would also like to know the way to render normal passes and any other passes which can be rendered out from volume, like opacity pass or something helpful in compositing. I get the fire mask from the shader but it is not that useful. Thank you.
  4. Micro solver mask

    Hi again, I have an explosion being sourced by particles. I have a gas dissipate micro solver to make the fuel dissipate faster because too much fuel is lingering after the explosion. However, I also have another source of fuel which is for the fire that keeps burning after the explosion has ended. My problem is that I only want the fuel from my particles to dissipate and not my fire fuel. Can I somehow limit the gas dissipation to only affect one of my fuel sources while my other fuel source remains untouched? Thanks in advance! Edit: Should the fire be a separate pyro solver? If so, how can two pyro solver affect eachother?
  5. Fuel is trailing behind pyro

    Hello all, Currently I'm working on a project where I am lighting the back of a train on fire. The geometry for the train is tracked from footage, so it is moving through 3D space. My current problem I can't figure out is that the fuel I created is leaving behind this long trail that slowly dissipates. This is causing these streaks of fire to appear behind the train in my renders. I tried advecting fuel and raising the flame contribution and just changing all the settings around. But most of the time when I try this method, there is little to no burn occurring. I also tried doing a sim with the bounding box clamped on to the back of the source so it won't trail. Then isolating the fuel and 'copy'ing it into the real sim. The first image is the shape of the fuel source. The second image is what the fuel trailing looks like after the train started moving. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. with a bit of timeout from learning destruction i try to dig deeper into Pyro, Smoke and Explosions. And i have a Senior Maya Fluid and Maya FumeFX Background so solver and setups are no mystery for me. And so there are a few questions that maybe somebody has to explain to me and light my mind. in Maya and Fume fuel that is pumped in the sim - is ignited and then it is completely burned - in houdini, everything i have seen , tried and test it, shows me that the fuel field is added to the sim and added and even if ist burned the field is added. only deactivating the source volume stops fuel from beeing added. but then in the next Frame the whole fuel field is gone and even the former added fuel has disappeared also... is there some microsolver node i have to put in the sim or do i miss something else ?