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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys ! I'm starting out in CHOP, so be gentle. I'm trying some things to get going, and already hit a roadblock. I got a geo node that I'm assigning the rx rotation from CHOP, adding a sin wave to it. Works well. But where I'm stuck is that I'm trying to add that same animation to a second geo node, but I want to add some sort of time offset between the two animations. So I'm thinking "Let's add a timeshift node under the constant, and use some kind of global variable (I believe $C ? Or @C ? unsure) to make a random number for each channel as an offset number !" Sooo, that didn't work. $C and @C doesn't return anything interesting (aka. not 0 or not erroring out). Maybe I understand this wrong ? If so I'm unsure as to how to use those global variables. Also, as a side note, I've seen chan[X-Y] being used sometimes in videos, but didn't find it in the help. Nevermind found it, gotta learn to use it now. It's in the Common parameter section of a lot of CHOP nodes. So ! Is the idea wrong ? How should I approach this ? Thanks in advance ! chop_timeoffset_test.hip EDIT : P.S. I've just noticed that in the help, it says When processing multiple channels, [...]. So I believe placing the timeshift under the math node would be more appropriate. But even doing so it stills errors out. Also, there's this - but I haven't been able to make it work. I tried the different combinations of Reference and Unit Values, to no avail.
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