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Found 1 result

  1. Using instances() with hou.nodeType() to grab node instances is really nice. Does anyone know a way to grab all the instances for an operator type with a version string in the operator type name? ie. jamesr::myasset::2.00 Since the version is in the type name itself, it seems like you have to specify the version as well in order for it to work, ie hou.nodeType("jamesr::Object/myasset::2.00") instead of just hou.nodeType("jamesr::Object/myasset") I was hoping there must be, since you can create nodes without specifying the version like hou.node("/obj").createNode("jamesr::myasset") I've tried using hou.preferredNodeType(), but it still seems to required the version string as well. When testing it on a builtin node who has multiple definitions including a version string like "rainbow" with hou.preferredNodeType("Vop/rainbow") it works fine. I could always use a [x for x in hou.node("/obj").children() if "jamesr::myasset" in x.type().name()] type of thing, or get the node type from an existing node, but I was just wondering if it is possible this way. If anyone has any relevant posts I might have missed that I could check out, that would be great too. Thanks!