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Found 2 results

  1. Disable (some) FLIP Particles

    Hey guys, Is there a simple way to disable some particles from the simulation like i'd do with RBD? I have a set of particles inside a group and I need them to be stopped at same position but still interacting with the other particles. Does it makes sense? The group is animated I tried setting v=0 but it doesnt work as expected. I did another trick inside a sop solver to get the position from the previews frame so it stays static but then I cant use the resample. Im just wondering if theres a a simple way like like an attribute the would make them sleep. Cheers, Alvaro
  2. Hello, I am dealing with a particle sim and I need some way of optimizing it. This is the case: particles are emitted and falling on the ground. Once they fall on the ground they bounce a bit and then stop moving. In this simulation I need to emit a lot of particles so it goes slow after a bit as particles accumulate fast on the ground. However I don't need to simulate those particles on the ground anymore, but pop solver simulates them all. Is there some sort of equivalent of @active attribute as in bullet sim? I can think of one way - I can set up a velocity treshold, which will move stopped particles to a group. Then I can remove particles from this group so that pop solver doesn't simulate them, but before that I will collect them in another solver? Any better approaches / ideas? Juraj