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Found 2 results

  1. Recently I am using quite a bit the amazing inline and snippet vops in shop context to write volume cvex shaders. Really amazing stuff cause I can pretty much copy and paste the code from an Attribute / Point Wrangle node in sop context. Question 1: what is the difference , advantages , disadvantages of inline VOP vs snippet VOP ? Question 2: I am trying to use the command "chramp" to manipulate a value in a inline vop in a vopcvex shader with no luck. I tried the same with a snippet vop, same problem. (test hip file attached) From "snippet" doc: chramp is not mentioned but I guess it should work as well. Has anyone experienced anything like that so far ? (H13.0.476) chramp_issue.hipnc
  2. Delete inline points

    Good day, I'm looking for a way to delete inline points from a polygon line. Thank's,