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Found 32 results

  1. Force Directed Graph OpenCL

    Have Fun.. thanx + @t_hasegawa Twitter file +read In second example make attributes like in first ..it works For me https://github.com/d3/d3-force https://observablehq.com/@d3/force-directed-tree ForceDirectedGraph_v002t03(1).hipnc
  2. Hi, I am trying to make a cellular automata sim a la John Conway. The vex version works fine and I think it is true to the original; it runs the same each time for a given set of initial conditions, as you would expect. However, when I try to use the code in openCL there is some variation, from the first frame or whenever I 'Reset Simulation'. I can't work out where this variation comes from and why the algorithm doesn't run as you would expect. I have tried using int, and float for the parameters with 32 bit and 64 bit precision, this doesn't fix the problem. Is there some kind of rounding which happens in Open CL but not vex? Ideally I would like the VEX and Open CL versions to be the same - is that possible? Please see attached hip. Thanks so much. GOL_openCL_vex.hipnc
  3. CPU getting old?

    Hey : ) I have (as you can see in my signature) a old 4790k cpu, but a much newer rtx 2060. I just ran a pyro sim with openCL of 90 frames and it finished very quickly at 4 mins 30 seconds. When I use my cpu only (openCL off) it takes over 30 minutes to finish. Before I had my 2060, I was running a 970. OpenCL sims were faster than the cpu on that card too, but not that much faster. Is this just sign my I need to replace my cpu? The only reason I am hesitant is that I would also have to buy a new mother board and ram to go along with it. Thanks-------
  4. Houdini Pyro OpenCL Error

    Getting an error when trying to run a pyro sim with openCL: "gasturbulence1: Error: compute_turbulence_cl: Error: smokeobject1 - /obj/geo1/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/gasturbulence1/compute_turbulence_cl: Fields must be matching for OpenCL " Any ideas?
  5. Lambda SOP

    This operator allows you to call a collection of nodes on any data or simply no data (generators). It gives you full control over how the lambda function should be run.
  6. Audio files, FFT and OpenCL...

    Hey, I would like to do some work with audio file analysis and find chops very alien, limited and annoying, so wonder what would be involved if I'd want to do this without them. The elements of what I have in mind would be: Open a stereo wave file as raw data somehow. Analyse it using a FFT. The latter maybe in openCL for speed. Create geometry from the results. I'm looking for a direction on how to best tackle this in Houdini with the least unneeded overhead possible, so using existing libraries/examples would be preferred, adapting them to what I need... Thanks for any pointers! Cheers, Tom
  7. Can someone please give me an indepth explanation as to why the CPU vs GPU sims look different? I have noticed when making a fire sim, GPU gives a bit more streaky and jagged sim (better licks) than a CPU sim which tends to be a bit more billowy with more 'shrooms' or rounder shapes in general. Sadly GPU crashes on any large scale sims yet I really like the look. How can I get CPU sims to look as streaky and jagged as GPU? Any tricks to stop a GPU sim from crashing? Cheers!
  8. OpenCL Sim caching with multiple gpus

    Hi, is there anyway to cache my pyro sim in opencl with my 4 gpu (4xgt1080)? i couldn't find any preferences on houdini or topic in search. Thank you.
  9. N-body via SOP solver with OpenCL

    Here is it.:) nbody_opencl.hipnc
  10. OpenCL and Smoke Dual Rest

    During testing Dual Rest Fields in Smoke solver found out that "Gas Advect CL" (in OpenCL mode) doesn't want to advect "rest rest2" fields. Microsolver just shows warning: The same in H15.5 and 16 Google said nothing..
  11. I know GPU renderers take advantage of multiple GPU's, but does H16 OpenCL performance also benefit?
  12. what is the file: C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.0.633\bin\OpenCL\bin\x64\cl.cfg used for? Its just CL_CONFIG_GL_DIRECTX_INTEROP = False inside. What would happen if I set it to "True"? Maybe it s a solution for my problem on a dualgraphic Laptop, one Intel one Nviia, that just the Intel is used for OpenCL....
  13. opencl kernel DATA type question?

    In the opencl sop ,I just can't find the right data type for the ramp parameter. who can't help me !!
  14. OpenCL simulations on ADM GPU

    hi guys, sorry can't speak English well. I planning to buy new hardware for OpenCL simulations on GPU. I study a little about pro-GPUs computing performance and find some information in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLOPS "Built using commercially available parts. AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU combined with AMD Radeon Vega FE cards in CrossFire tops out at over 50 TFLOPS (OMGOD!!!) at just under US$3,000 for the complete system." is it right? Can combine two AMD Radeon Vega FE cards in CrossFire with CPU? Does it help to speed up simulations in Houdini? Which Single-precision or Double-precision floating-point is more important in Houdini? is it depend on 32bit or 64bit process in software? https://pro.radeon.com/en-us/product/radeon-vega-frontier-edition/ OpenCL™ 2.0 Support Enables professionals to tap into the parallel computing power of modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs to accelerate compute-intensive tasks in leading CAD/CAM/CAE and Media & Entertainment applications that support OpenCL. Does Houdini support OpenCL 2ver?
  15. Where to change opencl device

    Hey, can anybody tell me where I have to write this line "HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICENUMBER=1" in order to force houdini to use my second GPU and not the one plugged to the display? Its not doing anything when I pase this into the houdini.env file.
  16. Hi Curious why enabling 'OpenCL' in the Advanced TAB of my pyrosolver causes my sim to fail. What happens is theat when enabled, I can simulate about the first 30-40 frames of a smoke sim only. Is there some other OpenCL related setting in application preferences? AFAIK, OpenCL should be fully supported on my setup, Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and NVIDIA Titan X Pascal GPU. Possibly Nvidia driver related?
  17. OpenCL error

    Hello there, I've been trying to learn openCL and use it in houdini. To start I imported the position attribute and generated a kernel, but it keeps spitting out this error (without editing or adding things to the code) OpenCL Exception: clSetKernelArg (-51)
  18. Hi all, is it possible or a way to enable all my GPUs for OpenCL? i have 3x titan-x and a quadro m4000 total of 4 cards. thanks
  19. Hi, Please let me know if there is a simple setting in preference where we can enable or switch to GPU or OpenCL. I am not sure whether viewport uses GPU, I think it does and I would also like to know if we can directly switch a DOP node to use GPU for its calculations. Can Mantra and Arnold use GPU? Please let me know the specific settings. Thanks again.
  20. Converting VEX to OpenCL

    Hi My understanding is that VEX runs entirely on the CPU. But with the right hardware (ie latest Pascal based GPU) the same functionality in OpenCl could be magnitudes faster. Is anyone aware of any OTL or other project which have converted VEX code to OpenCL?
  21. Hi If you are enabling OpenCL does installing the latest CUDA 8.0 Toolkit offer any advantage over simply having the latest Nvidia drivers installed?
  22. Volume convolution on the GPU using OpenCL. For 27M voxels using 100 iterations, OpenCL is 650 times faster than C++ and 12525 times faster than VEX.
  23. OpenCL Smooth SOP

    Smoothing geometry on the GPU using OpenCL. In VEX it has to be done in 2 steps where the same thing can be achieved in OpenCL in one step using barriers [khronos.org]. For a 822K polygon model, it's over 500 times faster than VEX on GTX 970 for 1000 iterations, and over 600 times faster for 10K iterations. Timings are recorded separately as there seems to be some overhead when running them one after another. Special thanks to SESI.
  24. This operator allows you to run an OpenCL kernel as part of your SOP network. Depending on the GPU, some operators can be orders of magnitude faster than even VEX. In this case the OpenCL code is 144 times faster than VEX on GTX 970.
  25. Hi, Looked all over the forums and couldnt find a solution, so opened a new thread. I am using Pyro in Houdini 14 and when I set "Use OpenCL", the Houdini Console pops up with what I believe to be an error. (see attached image) Do I need to install a driver or something for my graphics card? Am currently using a Quadro M4000. Hope someone can help out. Thx in advance. Here are other specs to the computer I am using: PC: Dell Precision T7810 OS: Windows 7 SP 1 64bits CPU: Intel Xeon ES-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz RAM: 64 GB GPU: Quadro M4000