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Found 3 results

  1. Freeze Flip Sim

    Hey Guys, Imagine an object which fills with liquid over time. When the object is full of liquid i want the motion of the Flip Fluid stop oder decrease over time. For example: - Object fills with Flip Fluid from Frame 1 to Frame 96. - Liquid and all motion of it slows down from Frame 96 to Frame 144, at Frame 144 everything is not moving anymore. I tried some pop wrangle inside my DOP but i cant get this working. Any suggestions? Should i do this after the DOP in SOP Level in a Vop/Wrangle or could I achive this inside my DOP? And How? Thanks and Greets, me
  2. Hi, in another thread http://forums.odforce.net/topic/25294-unrolling-paper-animation/ I've been advised to : "Easiest would probably be to nail your animation, and then add simulation on top of that." in order to achieve a realistic behaviour to rolled-up sheet of paper. (see other thread link for details and hip file) Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable enough with H15 to figure out how to do that on my own. I can animated, I can simulate (a bit), but I'm really wondering how adding/mixing the two would have to be wired. I've tried to read about it, but so far, I've only read about switching from one to another (which isn't what I need), and something about rest and target state, that might be involve, I don't kown : / If you can help.... much appreciated! thanks, cyril.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm truing to replicate composting operation Over which I believe A+B(1-a). Instead I and up multiplying each layer by opposite alpha. It is work fine with constant colors, but it doesn't work with a texture. It turn texture (A) in opposite color. What wrong with that and what I missed? composite_test_01.hip