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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! can't figure out why my cone twist constraint collpase at frame 2..., apparently this constraint dosen't care about restlength like other constraints... i tried all constraints, everything is just fine exept with this one, and cone-twist is exactly what i need.... I join a simple file based on a SideFX sample scene turned into what i need... thanks by advance Cheers! Twist-Const-Restlength.hip
  2. Bullet collision relationships

    Would some kind soul please be able to show me the correct way of using the collide relationship dop in order to create 2 collision objects that will collide with everything else in the sim (like a fractured wall or similar), but not with each other? I'm sure the answer lay here but I'm not having much luck setting it up. Have attached a basic hip. At the moment sphere2 collides into sphere1 as I'd expect, then both go on to hit the wall. What I'd like is for sphere2 to pass through sphere1, but both spheres will still hit the wall. Collision_relationship.hip
  3. cone_constraint_problem

    Hi, I am facing problem in cone twist constraint as you can see in my video that after hitting chunks or debris keep spinning....i don't know why......Can anybody tell me the reason and also the solution of problems... Thank you cone_constraint_prblm.m4v