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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys. Anybody have experience how to use pymel in standalone without GUI ? import sys path = '/usr/autodesk/maya2016/lib/python2.7/site-packages' sys.path.append(path) import maya.standalone Unfortunately with code doesnt work.
  2. Hi there, this is my first at forum, so big thanks to any feedback anyway. I built simple standalone program using HDK and GU_Fur class (that if I understood just a C++ wrapper around Fur SOP and Fur mantra Procedural). You can find it at GU_Fur.h. Everything worked great, i can pass any surface geometry, change "Fur SOP" parameters and, get fur geometry very easily. I can guess this way we can build things like Renderman Fur DSO or other renderers DSO's at no time. Except one fact: i cannot find a way how we can pass cvex guide shader and skin shaders to our SOP wrapper. Its excepts UT_String, but since there is not docs about it at all, and I can only just try things. I can guess that this wrapper only work in Houdini GUI or mantra environment and can access shaders only using "op:$shoppath $params" syntax, because that thing spits warning "Cannot load guideshader" if i pass something to it this way. That also happens if pass shader code (trying both source and compiled) to it. BUT! if pass shader path to existing compiled vex file, there is no warnings at all! But my little piece of software crashes when i call generate method! I dont know if its due to my vex shader ( I doing simple example with sphere and get shader code from FUR OBJ native to Houdini), or I doing something wrong, or it is some Houdini bug (I working with latest stable build). Any suggestions, or idea is appreciated.