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CHOP export in OTL problem!

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I am trying to make a simple equivalent to the maya "point constraint" as a simple OTL. it just contains two nulls, one being a the world origin, and one to be contrained to the object path provided in a parameter. The translation parameters of the second will be overriden by an object CHOP computing the position between the world origin null and the object whose path is provided.

When I am creating it, it works fine, but the problem is that when I call a new one, it doesn't work apparently because the CHOP doesn't export anymore, even if the export flag is on. it seems that I need to "allow editing of contents", and toggle twice the export flag of my chop...is this step really necessary, or I am making somthing wrong? As it is not the first time this is happening to me, I may have not understood something...

the solution I found is to have a callback script ( called when a parameter of the OTL changes ) like this:

otunsync `oppwf()`; #allow editing of contents

opset -o 0 `oppwf()`/chop/export; #turn off the exportflag

opset -o 1 `oppwf()`/chop/export; #turn on the exportflag

otsync `oppwf()`; #does not allow editing of contents

I do not really like that, so I guess there may be a better way to go...

And here is a file containing my "point contraint" operator type.


there is just also a few bones, only here to have objects to test my operator onto.

and please...I really need help about this :( loosing so much time with these kind of details is really painful! <_<

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EDIT: Looks like I spoke too fast. I though the version you posted wasn't using the callback.

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I responded to this one in the houdini technical forum. It is most likely a bug in either the Object CHOP or CHOPs in general and not with OTLs or custom objects.

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