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Emanuele Berti

Two sticky mud balls - Personal project

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to share with you my last personal project, "Two sticky mud balls".

I did everything in Houdini, hope you like it.


It's a final version but because it's more a technical experiment than a real work,

I didn't know if I had to post here or in the gallery.

HD (1280x720): www.vimeo.com/8717800

Full HD (1920x1080), Low-res (752x423), Case study and Making of:




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Looking very cool! Are you doing some kind of SPH simulation or just regular particles for the first ball? Do you displace on top of the geometry generated by particle fluid surface if you do?


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Thanks Jason,

No SPH in this project, I started testing it but it was too heavy for my 32 bit laptop (memory limit), so I quit quite soon.

Yes, as you said I did displacement on geometry generated by particles fluid surface but just for the final shader,

before that I deformed the particles, through a VOP SOP, to simulate their accumulation based on their velocity and position.

To do that I baked an animated texture to create a sort of displacement map from particles.

Then I modify the position of those particles reading back the value from that texture,

and only after that I created the geometry from Particle fluid surface SOP...

Does it make sense? I hope it does :)

If you are interested, please take a look at the case study or the making of to see the entire process.



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Have just seen this.

Very nice work.

Was there an older thread with something similar in?

I was just trying to search for that but couldn't find it at all.

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