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those crazy caustics

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recently, i created a sample file and accompanying tutorial for getting caustics to work for support. as i had some confusion in getting them to work the first time playing with them, i thought it might be helpful for others to post it here as well. it seems they are pretty straightfoward; but, there are a few small details that initially were confusing. the document is attached to this post and the .hip will be attached to the next post. hopefully, it will help clarify their usage so that... you too can have FUN with caustics!



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Here was something that I started a while back ago but won't be able to finish for at least a few weeks.

Its a caustics tutorials...(which was actually a test on using the integrated help browser). ;)

Just unzip the Guide to some directory. Set your $JOB to where every you extract it to. And add that $JOB to your path.


extract to P:/Projects

set JOB = P:/Projects/WWGuide


The guide needs to be in your houdini_path since it uses the help plane links.

Once path stuff is setup just launch a Houdini and then click on the help browser. Click on Go>Wolfwood's H6 Guide.


ps. If anyone has problems let me know and I'll provide more details.

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