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Particle Rotation

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Hey everyone,

Im tring to make paint splatter, with controlled splat direction..

Looking to rotate particles based on there ID number. I can do it in SOP level, but having issues in POP level. My particles are moving at random speeds in TX, but want to rotate them based on their ID to make it look like there going out in all directions.

Kinda like a splatter, but this way should allow more control, any thoughts?



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I'm a bit confused. Do you mean you want to rotate them around their point of origin so that instead of moving in x, they move in all directions? Or are you talking about rotations on the particles?

If it's the latter, check out the rotation pop.

If it's the first one, it would depend on how you're creating the force in the first place. Can you just apply a random direction to begin with? Check out the initial velocity in your source pop, or check out the velocity pop.

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