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High Resolution Explosion

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Grrrr I have some work to do so I start rebuliding Bunker`s system now again. I have problem in first stage. I recreate custom vorticles. All works fine, I can see them, visualize velocity, show me nice swirls but smoke does not seem to interact with. Only thing is that whole simulation slows down a lot. Hm, cant find mistake. There is little hip file. This setup is great for adding details and stay in clean smoke

solver, but.....


If you turn up the Confinement Strength on the vorticleforce dop in your file, the smoke reacts to the vorticles. Try putting it up to 10 for example.

Hope that helps!


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The part that I can't seem to recreate is the same look from the divergence and temperature control nodes. Have you had any luck with that in H12?


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hey I am totally new to the whole micro Solver thing.

I am trying to understand Bunkers set up, but besides my brain exploding I don't really get it.

So I wanted to ask Bunker a few questions...

When a I want to port to file to Houdini 12 it works fine when I am using your file...

so exactly the same thing.

But I want to get the vorticles to work with the pyro tools.

I tried to change the Smokesolver in the the pyrosolver to your setup but that did not work either...


my questions is, is there a way to use vorticles in H12 with the pyro tools,

and is there a a tutorial for micro solvers.

I checked the cmivfx tutorial, but it goes only over the basics and is not comparable to Bunkers set up.



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Hey guys, i tried to rebuild this setup to the new H12 solver and found some interesting details. In H12 cooling rate calculation is reversed, i mean that in the old solver the cooling rate value was multiplied with temperature, but now it's reversed and higher the cooling rate, more dramatically it cools, but in Juliens setup(thnx him for incredible setup) it was done so that the temperature would'nt changed with smoke solver (the value of 1) if i'mnot mistaking.

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18 hours ago, silkey said:

Love to see this updated, I'm really curious about this technique. (Jeff? ;))

In newer Houdini versions as of 2021 the output from smoke_import was disappearing by around frame 200 and viewing the DOP network output was glitchy, so in case it helps anyone, have updated the VOPnet parameters so it works in Houdini 18.5 without network errors. There are still some warnings on load but otherwise it appears to be working.

A couple of the VOP parameters (age_max and mag_mult) in recyclevorticles > sopsolver1 > vopsop1 needed underscores, along with a couple of parameters (reduce_temperature, temperature_mult) in the gasfieldvop called temperature_control.

Thanks bunker, Peter Claess, Jeff Wagner, Juri Bryan and Urban Bradesko for mentioning this awesome technique and educational post.

Robin :-)


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not gonna pretend that I understand this technique but there were a few issues with syntax of parameters that probably changed throughout releases, so changed them and I think now it's working again

here is the updated file :)


edit: tried to wrap my head around it and copied the setup with the sparse solver:



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