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New 2011 Reel.

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Hi few_a_fx...your reel shows too "few (a) fx" hahah, sorry couldn´t resist :P I mean you would need a bit more final content there.

More importantly, I thought it was unfair on your side to have something like 35 or 40 seconds of slider tweaking on your python rain tool, specially since your reel is too long already. 5 seconds of showing the tool and 1 second to show a snippet of code would make more than clear that you have some python skills that might interest a potential employer. If that makes your reel considerably less than a minute long, so be it.

I don´t know about your hardware specs but your fluids could have a bit more of particles so that the mesh looks a bit more polished.

Finally, I would use a library model for the hand. Anything you can find around the net. The model you used wasn´t very good, and at this point the viewer doesn´t care at all about your modelling skills, but it hurts a bit to your render seeing the lowly detailed model.

Just my opinion, of course. Here hoping these hints will help improving your reel..

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Thanks for your opinion. Re-editing the fx tool demo now. As for the amount of fx shots, I took out 2 pieces that I thought were the weakest. I was told better to have quality over quantity. I added as much particles as I could for the water, that about as much as my computer could use with out crashing every time I rendered. Will repost new reel as soon as I edit, might throw in one other shot.


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