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Blend CHOP questions

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I have two problems, both related to the Blend CHOP:

1. The Rotation blending modes don't seem to do anything (i.e. behave the same as Euler). (I'm aware that I should use the 'fast linear' option when blending multiple targets, but I have only two.)

2. My other problem is that I want to blend two looped animations but with different lengths. I won't be able to describe this properly, but whoever used this CHOP will probably know what I'm talking about when I say that the 2nd and 3rd input channel lengths are getting "cropped" by the blend input channels. (Damn, I'll probably post an example scene).

For example, if the blend input channels (the 1st input of the Blend CHOP, containing one channel for each blend 'target') -- if these channels only a single frame long, the Blend CHOP will 'crop' its result to a single frame too (and this of course means that there won't be any animation).

I hope I was clear enough, if not, I'll post some examples... Any ideas from Blend CHOP experts? :)



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I think you first need an Attribute CHOP to define which channels are "rotation" channels. If it's clipping, try using the Extend CHOP.

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