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Hey OdForce,

I'm available mid November after this show wraps up. We are finishing up the first ever stereoscopic planetarium show for National Geographic, a lot of fun stuff coming out of this project. I'm in LA, but willing to relocate. I can be a generalist, but I am specialized in shading, lighting, and rendering in Houdini, and can optimize/wrangle renders, assets, and workflow.

Resume & Reel


-Ben Laidlaw


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Hello again,

Checking the water for December into 2013.

Split the past year writing several shaders at R&H in the first half and currently doing FX works for the second half, creating many micro and macro tools. The shader(s) helped get approval for a vast array of solid surface models from cars to debris that is currently being used on multiple features slated for summer 2013. In doing so helped bring the level of Houdini surface shading to a higher level of complexity and artist friendly options, with vast arrays of documentation and organization. Reel is way behind the times until the features come out, or I get some home demo reel time, unless one can understand the complexity of dome stereo to HR. Resident in CA, LA, but willing to relocate. Midsize studios and commercials house are a plus, less repetition == more art.



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