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Stereo Renderman Support in houdini

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Hey everyone

I dont see an parameter to add a secondary camera on a prman rop,

What would be the best way of rendering each eye using prman via houdini?

Right now we render two sets of ribs and exr images and combine them in the end,

However we'd like to render one rib straight to either exr with each eye embedded or exr (Left,Right) Eye separately.

Thanks in advance


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Hey Alex

yeah I'm interested something similiar, i know that prman does that,

in our case we have a display driver that writes sxr, but its essentially exr II, that being left and right eye

so if it needs to be exr x 2 for the right and left eye, thats fine, because we can combine the two into sxr,

its more the inconvenience of having two rops, ribs, and rendeirng for each eye.

I couldn't comment on the mantra reuse of shading data however I'm curious about being able to write out two images or one, from one rib


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