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VEX: Ramp parameter code. Spline function?

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I have the problem with using ramp parameter in vex.

What code should i use for get it works?

Seems that i need to use spline() with a few arrays of values, as in the help, but compiler gives me a lot of errors with it.

How i need to use spline function for this?

Thank you

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You would have to be more specific about errors, but generally, since ramps are tedious to setup, what I usually do is that I copy code from any of SESI shaders with ramps :). ASAD light for example:

 * PROPRIETARY INFORMATION.  This software is proprietary to


#pragma ramp_rgb        atten_ramp atten_basis atten_keys atten_values
#pragma parmtag         atten_ramp rampbasisdefault linear
#pragma parmtag         atten_ramp rampshowcontrolsdefault 0
#pragma parmtag         atten_ramp rampcolortype rgb

eval_ramp(float t0; string basis[]; float keys[]; vector values[])
    return spline(basis, spline("linearsolve", t0, keys), values);


string atten_basis[] = {"linear", "linear", "linear"};
float  atten_keys[] = {0.0, 0.9, 1.0};
vector atten_values[] = {{1,1,1}, {1,1,1}, {0,0,0}};

 Cl *= eval_ramp(key, atten_basis, atten_keys, atten_values);

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Thanks SYmek. Thats correct, i found this solution after posting this thread)

Maybe sombody find this information useful too.

Thanks again

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