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Iphone poly modelling in H12

How often do you use houdini for poly modelling?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. How often do you use houdini for poly modelling?

    • Always
    • from time to time
    • it happens one time per year
    • Never! I use another good software for this
  2. 2. What do you preffer to create?

    • Hard surface
    • Creatures and biological stuff
    • Locations (buildings and other)
    • Only procedural abstract stuff

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So i decided to make hard-surface model fully in houdini.

I'am not a modeller, but I found some interested sides of modelling in houdini when make this model

You can fully ignore viewport selections.

What does it mean? You could change everything done in past in any time. Bevels, extrudes and other stuff could base on dynamically changed groups.

DA could give you ability to make your own library of frequently used tools and elements.

I think that houdini users has a powerful modelling tools, so I plan to show my results since this time.

There is a lot of work needs to do (camera, bottom port, etc), but i discovered hou as modelling tool for myself.

Time for modelling - 2 work days (about 20 hours for this stage)








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Cool! I haven't done any hard surface stuff, but found with some poly modeling I was doing a while ago I'd have to resort to python to get bevels or bridges from groups to work.

Would you mind sharing your scene so I can have a bit of a peak tomorrow (It'll split up my day a bit, which is sad ha).

Well Done


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This would be a great thing to model with the NURBs toolset, just for some thing different. Good job!

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