Totally!! -- the amount of tools that get lost between projects is a pain - or people simply forget about them over time or move to different studios. -- and then sidefx should make some more rnd agreements with those studios -- or buy out individual assets... perhaps make an agreement that after 2 years a private asset might become part of the asset store or something like that. I think the store is a good thing. You can treat it as the exchange and still share your tools for free. I've shared tons of things over the years, that is an attitude. Besides, the real smart guys will reverse engineer assets so they can extend them however they want, the not so experienced guys will simply use an advanced tool they did not have access to before. A good tool is a good tool. And people have already been reverse engineering tools from other programs/industries -- (without having access to the inner workings of it either - sometimes only the idea is enough.) And if people want to make some money, let them try to make some money, but the market is a supply and demand kind of thing. Perhaps we could even create a thread about what kind of tools people would really like to see developed - and how much you would be willing to give for a tool like that. Use the economics of mass markets to your advantage. If that 3000 people number is even remotely true and you charge $1, that becomes $3000, which is a nice extra for investing the time to develop a good tool. Kickstarter, anyone? Didn't we try and do this for tutorials at some point in the past? And yes, time is money, especially the time of an experienced houdini td. The really advanced tools are simply not exposed to the public because they are proprietary to the facilities. But if a td actually would be able to take 1 whole week off to develop some tools for the community, I bet you get some amazing results. But all of us have bills and rent to pay, so you can't just leave your job for pure tool development. If however you have a clear goal, time limit and finincial reward it does become possible. -- And it would not have to cost that much. There are users on this forum I would gladly pay some cash through something like kickstarter to crowdsource some money for them to develop some tools. -- Whatever they would want to develop. Simply because they have great minds that are currently being applied for the benefit of their studio. But it could be applied to the benefit of the houdini community as a whole. - Those are a few of my thoughts.
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