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Hi everyone,

New to Houdini and this is my first reel and would be more then happy to trade skill and learn from each other!

Used Maya and some Houdini also Nuke to composite.

I know that all you guys time are limited too, so enable to let me help you guys is I am welling to make entire tutorial and start from scratch and share with you guys.

This tutorial will cover start from making Houdini model pre-fracture it, importing to Maya ( Simple Trick), Using some dynamic engine to calculate the Rigid body simulation, then emit particle based on impact and have it to rotate and to have dif size of particles. Then how to instance it. Finally emit smoke based on the trails that we ask it to go to.

Last to composite it in to Nuke.

I am interested in how to emit particles when it fracture in Houdini(11) Rigid Body Dynamic, also how to emit smoke with particles. (Details needed)

Thank you for all your time and I believe that we all need to learn from each other and to become a better artist.



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