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Can anyone help me understand how to create sparks in houdini? I've started out by just emitting particles from a grid downwards and splitting it at the point of collision.. but I'm not exactly getting the look of proper sparks colliding on the ground.. another thing is that I tried using the particle surface node as well as a POP network to see the difference.. any idea which is better to use?

I've attached the working file i'm using right now..

Thanks for the help in advance!


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ok so after doing some tests myself.. i managed to get the look of sparks interacting with the ground.. but now when i render.. the collided sparks appear brighter than the sparks coming down..

I added geometry velocity blur and cranked up the velocity in order to make my particles appear like they are sparks in the render view..

Can i get some advice on how to lessen the brightness of the collided sparks?

Attached it the latest file i'm working on.


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Due to their lower speed it's realistic that they appear brighter then the really fast moving sparks. If it's just not the look you want, you could try to add a color node and only affect your bounce group.

I am still a Houdini noob but it's the first that comes to my mind :)

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