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Looking for remote freelancer

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We are Ukrainian company looking for additional help, somebody to setup and render various FX scenes, like explosions and clouds.

No big experience needed, 1 year with Houdini should be enough, but please have talent :-)

It's OK to work remotely, per hour or monthly salary.

Please contact ph_houdini@prog-net.com

Thank you


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Hello Paul. Thanks a lot for your message, but at this time I have a lot of work here in Prague and have no time for anything. Another thing is that I dont thing Im good in Houdini. Its very difficult soft and needs time to dominate. Specialy volume objects is still problem. I have good cloud system setup but render times in full HD and xeon farm is almost 1.5 hour. Explosions is another thing. Pyro is really huge system and perfect knowing custom fields is only way. Sim times can be really large, sometimes days. So thanks again and good luck with projects. I must still learn a lot. Jan

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