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Rendering Pyro in Houdini12 using PRMan17

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Hi, recently, I'm using Houdini to make clouds. I use the Houdini self tool "Pyro FX->Volcano" to emit smoke from a lot of spheres, and then I can make the clouds I like. Please see the attachment picture 1, which is rendered by Mantra.

Because I feel it quite slow when using Mantra, and I have Pixar's RenderMan in hand, so I try to render my clouds using PRMan to speed up rendering. But, I can't get what I want, please see attachment picture 2.

I know I need to using Light Template when using PRMan, does I miss anything else for successfully rendering Pyro in PRMan?

Thanks a lot.



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Have you written a renderman shader for volumes? Pretty sure it won't read the pyro shader... if that's what you're trying.

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Try this shader for your clouds.

simple_vol_density(varying float density = 1; uniform float densityMultiplier = 1;)
public void surface(output color Ci, Oi)
color Cdiff = 0;
illuminance(P) {
Cdiff += Cl;
Oi = density*VolumeField*densityMultiplier;
Ci = Cdiff * Oi;

Be aware, the majority of prman 17's volume related attributes are not supported in Houdini yet. (only prman 16) So you will either have to add them using an include, or modify soho. I wouldn't even try rendering without them. (see Pixar's documentation)

It's questionable whether or not you'll actually see any gains in speed. Mantra certainly knows how to render volumes.

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