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How to make the temperature of pyro-sim 1 to ignite fuel I painted for

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Hey odforce folks!

I am working on a pyro simulation and I want to have one burning object (sim1) to set annother object (painted with custom fuel) on fire (sim2). I am using 2 sims (or better said two solvers) for that because I want the two flames to look different (different solver settings for combustion and shape etc.) . So the two sims should interact in this way: I want the temperature of sim 1 to ignite fuel I painted for sim 2 (which also has a temperature attribute, but initially set to 0).

Now my question: How do I get the temperature field of sim1 to ignite custom painted fule of sim 2?

I hope I explained that somehow clear. Its a bit hard to put into clear words.

Thx in advance for your help! :)

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Sounds like a plan! I am a beginer in this area, so forgive me the question, but...how do I do that? :huh:

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One way that I know is to use Gas Fetch Field To Embed dop. I hope the attached file gives you an Idea.

I got the similar effect by animating the value of ignition temperature of fuel (pyrosolver2/combustion/ignition temperature). Set high Ignition temp when the fire is away from the fuel and when it touches the fuel set the Ignition temp to default or even lower value.


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Hey sadhu,

thx for the example!

What bugs me on this setup:

The fuel paint source object is emitting temperature itself. I want to have a temperature field, but leave it empty until I copy/add something in it manually.

Your setup is working manually, meaning i have to animate when the fuel has to ignite or not. I want to do this procedurally, meaning, whenever the heat source gets near enough, it will ignite.

If I do not understand correctly, please go ahead and correct me!

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