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Houdini Multijoints


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I would like to create something like this on the reference video.


is it possible in h12?

eny idea how i can do this effect?

Look at the Glue network constraint.

It might look a bit advanced first time you put it down, but there is a good example file in the help and another few files floating around the forums.

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thank you mawi

i think glue attach or detach the hole objects.

the exemple i look for that i have 2 pieces to detach

but not completely detach still one or 2 points attached between these pieces.

did you use a tetatrahedralized point cloud to generate the glue? you need to generate a localized, nearest-neighbors glue network to avoid having pieces like that stick randomly

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thank you freinds,

dzgakaiser.....bunker give you his method that use python scripts.http://forums.odforc...ing-constraint/

sorry , still learning python for houdini cant do anything here :).

thank you ikarus,

i like use this node in houdini dop name spring network constraints.

this is my file if anyone can help.


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Hi fayal,

I have tried same thing before.

I think this thread achieved multi spring constraints. That time they used apply relationships but some sample files at the later part provide you how to get attributes for spring network constraints.


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