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Hey ther, just a quickie that i hope some of you know the answer to.

How to properly comp SSS so you can get back to a beauty render.

On the left is the beauty render, on the right is me trying to combine the different elements to get it back to beauty.

The separate planes were

Diffuse - per light, Indirect Bounce - These are simply added together

Single SSS + Multi SSS - First process - These are inverted and then multiplied to the diffuse, Second process - It is then separately multiplied to the result of the inversion. (See pic)

Paint - Multiplied to the combined diffuse + SSS

Spec - These are added over everything


So what am i doing wrong?

Hope this forum still lives.


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I haven't tried it, but I would think that the SSS should be added?

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Yeah that was one of the first tings i tried.

I did some investigating in the mantra shader to see how it was applied.

I now add the combined SSS to the specular, and that is added to the diffuse * color. Its much more closer but there is still a subtle difference. It may be small but it is a difference nonetheless and would optimally like to find out how it is being applied

For those also quietly trying to help, don't stop, i will post a solution if i find it :)

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