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GL_ViewportFont query!

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I am trying to write some data to the viewport using 'GL_ViewportFont' class. I declared its object and RE_Render object:

GR_ViewportFont *data = new GR_ViewportFont;

RE_Render *ren = new RE_Render(0,"viewport");

I am calling data->int label (RE_Render *r, const UT_String &str, const UT_Vector3F &pos, const UT_Vector3F &col, fpreal32 *&dst_points, fpreal32 *&dst_texcoord, fpreal32 *&dst_colors, XPosition xpos, YPosition ypos, fpreal &x_offset) const

by passing some constants to this function. As soon as I run Houdini it crashes on this function call. I am creating a SOP node and calling this function from within the cookMySop method.

1. Should I be calling this from cookMy Sop?

2. Am I defining RE_Render incorrectly?

Since Houdini does not print out any error on crashing I have no idea where I am going wrong.

Does anyone know about this or any other alternate solution ?


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