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hello everyone

Firstly, excuse me for my english. I started to speak english.

I would like to integrate bubbles in a liquid.

My only constraint, i can not use FlipFluid but just the SPH (particlefluidsolver).

I create a liquid in a bottle and i would like bubbles start form low to accumulate on top of the liquid.

-Should i use a particlefluidemitter ? How to interact with the first liquid and modify density ??

-Or should i create a Pop system and use a fluidSource ?? But i can use it with a Fluidsource and not SPH.

Thank you very much for your time and answers.

Again sorry for my English mistakes

Good day.


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I haven't tried it in Houdini but the principal could be the same. In RealFlow people have used an emitter for bubbles under the liquid that should boil. The bubbles ignore the bottom of the container and have force pushing them up. When creating the mesh subtract the volume of the bubbles from the volume of the fluid. Here's an example of the process (not by me).

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