Hey folks, I'm currently working on a rock crumbling/fracturing effect and I am not sure which solver to use. Bullet-Solver + fast + easy to set up + nice (artistic) control using glue-networks - (and I mean a BIG MINUS): popping simulation behaviour, exploding on frame 1 because of interpenetrating convex hull collision geo (we all know the deal...) RBD-Solver - way slower than bullet + (and I mean a BIG PLUS): much better collision handling (volume based, therefore the shape, whether it is concave, convex or something, is more or less irrelevant) Thoughts and actual approach: I tried bullet, fractured my geo using voronoi, without using clustering to get convex pieces, but some pieces are still not entirely convex (due to my input geo, a rock), causing interpenetrations in the sim (after being converted to a convex hull). Now I think I may not be able to avoid that some piecescome out concave to some amount, because I do not know how to prepare the geo in the modeling stage (zbrush sculpted) for being entirely convex. RBD would solve all thouse problems, but I wanted to have control over my sim, so using bullet with it's glue networks would be nice and would actually be my first choice, wouldnt there be this damn (sorry) interpenetration -> popping simulation problem. Do you guys have any ideas, tips or tricks in mind for me? Every bit of help is much appreciated! Thx in advance for your time! I'm looking forward to your answers! Cheers from Austria Philipp