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My current development.

Digital asset for creating production-ready animated trees and other plants. A few types of wind (Real time wind system and accurate dynamic wind), many many options to customize plant as you wish. Additional examples of wind animation will be a little later.

Basically, you need only 8 hours to create fully dynamical 3d tree. (2-3 hours for tweak a shape and all other time for dynamic)

Implemented by python, HDK, and a lot of free time :) This is noncommercial thing.

- Module system for any kinds of vegetation

- All in one DA

- Maximum flexibility

- Fast internal modules based on HDK ( C++)

- Auto smooth trunks

- Dynamics

- Leaves mesh builder


Please, feel free to contact me any time.


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Guest xionmark

Very nice work!

Are you using "standard" render methods or are you using a mantra procedural at render time to help with detail?


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Damnnn!!!! i didnt have see the full video before post..i must say your Asset Rocks! Very impressive and even better than a lot of comercial solutions around!

Please let us know anytime when it will be around ;)

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