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Maya->Houdini camera aperture.

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Time to get back to the good ole odforce forum. Does any one of you houdini geniouses know the "magic" formula on how to convert the camera aperture from Maya to Houdini? I mean in Maya there are two values, both less than one, but in Houdini there is only one value that's over 30 that roughly matches the one in Maya. All I could find is the suggestion to look into houdini user guide that says there is a conversion formula but how do I find that.

Many thanks,


PS nice to be back ;)

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Houdini express its camera apx value in millimeters. Maya express it's apertures in inches. (Actually it expressing them in “decimal-inches”. ie Mayas horzFilmAp look like this “1.42”in) Do some conversions between the two and look into the USERSGUIDE for its short treatis on Houdini cameras. The other values you may need can be derived from the ones already supplied in houdini. James Peterson

*Rangi Sutton answering a post on the SESI list:

houdini Aperture * 0.03936981 = maya Horizontal Film Aperture

Or backwards: houdini Aperture = 25.400173 * maya Horizontal Film Aperture

Yep, maya focal and houdini focal are the same deal… I've checked the above by outputing rib's from each package and it's good…

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