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Volumetric LitFog + object with transparent material = shadows?

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Hallo guys!

Basically I have a scene with some lights, a fog object and a vlitfog shader.

Then I have a plane (3d card) with a texture with alpha on it - what do I have to do to make the litfog use the alpha to project the correct shadows? Right noetting no shadow at all.

Using raytrace shadows to test, and if I use a sphere instead of the card, it works...

Tips and hints? If there isn't any nice way to do this, any ideas? I was thinking about scattering points on the card, project the alpha texture on top, cut all the points that aren't white (so alpha=1), and brutally particle meshing them...at least that way mantra would have a proper geometry to work with...


EDIT: I realize it might be a surreal request as I get that to be volumetric...it should have a solid object.

Just wondering if there was a way to cheat it aside from creating actual geo from the picture! (which I'm doing now)

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