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Photorealistic ... render Help.

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I`m ussaly not render at all,

Any Tips, Hints , Ideas to help me learn how to create realistic render with mantra would be very helpful !


project file

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Mmm, that's quite a broad subject.

You may start by having a look at this documents with interesting parts, although not Houdini-oriented.


You can also have a look at those sideFx lessons :


You could also check cmivfx which has some tutorials about rendering with Houdini, but they'll probably be done with an older version of Houdini. Still those concept still apply so I'd recommend having a look there.

In your case, with plastic or glass reflection I'd start by switching the render engine to pbr then I'd use some hdr environment (using environment light) and area lights. I wouldn't fear too much using pbr and raytracing as your scene is quite light and you'll probably be able to tune many elements in realtime.

Your camera placement and focal could also be adjusted for a better framing, and you could use some depth of field to push the realism, but do that at a later stage when you're happy with the lighting.

You can aslo search on google for studio lighting setups which are usually inspired from photography. One of them I found is here

although it's using max and V-ray, you can probably learn from it and apply those principles to Houdini.(I quickly went trough the video, not in the details).

Good luck !


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hi mate i think ur almost there - i would work on getting the reflections right if i were you. try watching the peter quint videos they have helped me a lot

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