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Python Helixes

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This SOP written entirely in python creates helixes from the geometrical points.

>It calculates the center of the geo and each helix is created in the direction of a Vector from the center to the point.

>It works even if the geometry is translated and rotated by pre-transforming and post-transforming it.

>It provides controls for controlling the shape length etc of the helixes.

>It creates point attributes "tangentx" "tangenty" "tangentz" which are the components of a normalized vector tangential to the helixes at every point.These can be used to add tangentail normals using point sop.

>It creates point attributes "init_x" "init_y" "init_z" which are the co-ordinates of the birth point of every helix.These can be used to group them.

Feedback please :)





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