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What's inside POP? DOP? CHOP? SHOP?

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Hey, guys, i'm still new to houdini, so if my question is not suitable here, please just ignore that, and accept my apologies. Thanks.

I am using maya for about 1 year. And 2 month ago, i want to check if houdini is my tool. So i downloaded and installed it, and then learn it from PQ channel(vimeo), official videos, and some tutorials i bought from cmivfx.

They are all nice tutorials. I have learned how to wire nodes, how to build a house in sop, how to fire particles in pop etc.

But, sometimes i'm so confused about how i can do things better, how i can use houdini to do stuff that others(like maya/c4d etc) cann't do. And that's why i know i should learn the houdini base stuff, like:

What's inside POP?

What's inside DOP?

What's inside CHOP?

What's inside SHOP?

What's inside VOP?

I have found a very good comment in . old school(jeff, right?) told us wha't inside sop, how things worked in sop node, that's what i want to know about.

so anyone can continue on? like jeff's stuff in .Please show us what's inside the POPs, DOPs, CHOPs, SHOPs, VOPs...

I am really appreciate!

(ps: Thanks od, i have learned a lot stuff in here.)

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Thanks, Luke

Sorry i didn't make my words clear. I post little topic in english forums because of my poor english. :-(

What i want here is to know how houdini handle the POPnet, DOPnet, CHOPnet, etc.

I understand a little about houdini, it looks like a unix system, handles the file system. The nodes wire each other, like application in unix, they read data from pipe and then manupulate it,and then write data into another pipe. The other nodes read the ready pipe, get data from it, and then write data into another pipe, etc.

So, like jeff said(http://forums.odforc...ns/#entry104263), the nodes in SOP is a segment programming code, they handle the data(point/vertex/primitive/detail), i get it. But i'm still confused about the data in POPnet/DOPnet/SHOPnet/COPnet/ROPnet, what are they?How they are being manupulated?

I am still learning the hdk and the od trac. I wanna find more houdini's kernel stuff, and really glad found this amazing software. If i am ok with houdini, i really want to contribute in the od trac and improve my english.

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Like SOPs, these types act as filters and modifiers of the data that passes through them:

POPs - filters points and attributes as particles, similar to SOPs

CHOPs - filters clips, which are essentially 1D arrays representing channels

COPs - filters images (2D data)

The other network types don't pass data, but define relationships:

ROPs - sets up dependencies between renders

SHOPs - defines shaders for various shading contexts (surface, displacement, etc)

DOPs - defines how the simulation will be solved by setting up relationships between forces, geometry, and solvers

This are pretty simple explanations, glossing over a lot of the details, but that's the basic idea.

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Thanks Mark, i get the whole image from your comment, thank you.

Now i know all houdini handles is the data flow, we create data, we change data, and then we get the result effects we want.

So all i need to do more practise using nodes now. :lol:

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A bit about DOPs workings:


hi, Dragos, thanks.

i found in the official site there are many good stuff i have missed, like HScript Expressions tutorials.

And houdini help doc i didn't use it often, i should check it now.

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