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Sweep Texturing Corners

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Does anyone have an ellagant solution to the Corner UV Problem when working with sweep surfaces.

I've attached two images illustrating the problem and a Hip File.

I build the UV's using rows and collumn approach, but when creating things like corners I need to pinch separate the inside corner verts.

a Procedural solution is needed as I don't know what the corner angle may be.

thanks in advance for your thoughts.






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I guess I should re explain this as , texturing the sides with out interpolation on the corners. I am building a window maker otl for a proof of concept. and am building the frame via a sweep texture.

For wood frames where I want the textures to look like the wood is cut together I guess I should try to actually cut the wood. rather than doing it through textures.

but a way to do the uv split as illustrated in the image would be pretty usefull.


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can't you just use a planar projection and then move/rotate all the pieces on top of each other. or in the same area as your NURBS-like UVs?

Since I think you want to emulate separate planks for your windows, I would say you could approach it in this actual way (plank by plank/ polygon by polygon)

Also you can poly-split as well, just use a fuse node and set it to unique, convert the Uvs to point uvs (attrib promote),

move/scale/skew your pieces, convert the uvs back to vertex uvs and fuse everything back together.

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thanks acey but the solution only works for this simple example. My fault for not providing you guys with more.

That gets harder when the profile shapes are more complex - like attached image -

But what I might have to do is Create individual planks from the profiles, longer than what is needed and use a clip on the edges. then move them to the correct location.

or just live with the texture stretch !




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What you could do is calculate the orientation of each piece from the backbone curve using something like a VOPSOP with dotproducts.

That way you could procedurally rotate the pieces, you can also use attrib promote to find the minimum and maximum values of a certain UV patch so you can place them correctly.

in a similar way you could calculate the amount you need to stretch certain uvs. These methods are slightly more advanced though.

There multiple ways to do this essentially, though some simpler and others more accurate.

The clip method may also work just fine, but would probably slower than a more mathematical approach.

But this only becomes important for when you want to do 100+ windows.

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