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Mantra socket driver

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Hey guys,

First of all, my knowledge of mantra is almost non-existent, I read through the docs and tried to find some related things to my problem, but only found unanswered topics.


I got my own renderviewer where I want to send my data through a socket from Mantra.

  1. How can I render data through a socket?
  2. What kind of data does Mantra send?

I'm looking for something similar to Arnold's socket driver, the source code is available for it so I know what kind of data is sent out.(3 phases, W/H, AOV names, pixeldata, etc)

Even if these things are not implemented, any input would be most welcome.



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ad 2. Take a look on $HH/public/tomdisplay/README.html for a tip on how mplay communicates with Mantra.

ad 1. mantra renders to a socket via -y addr, afaik most natural would be to write own image format which streams data.

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