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Follow Path in SOPs with Speed Mask

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Hi everyone,

I am building the effect of a waterdrop running on a vertical surface (bottle or whatever). I have curve as path and we raySOP I project it to the surface. Using a portion of the curve to running from the top to the bottom but what I want to be able to animate the speed, or even better using the speed mask based on surfaces normals at Y.

In the attached hip I have a test-setup with a vertical surface with noise and speed mask on its color. Wherever is black drop should travel faster and wherever is white slower. I am using two different techniques for the travelling of line with a switch. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: What I am using for travelling the line is a duration, let say in 200frames finish the ride, but what I want to have is a constant speed and then be able to multiply this with an attribute as the speed mask. I would like to keep everything in SOPs if possible but I am also considering POPs.


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I hate to say it, as I love procedurality, but you're going to have a much easier time of it if you hand animate your water drop. That said, if you have dozens or hundreds of drops you're going to want to use POPs as they have a convenient SpeedLimit POP that lets you do this kind of stuff.

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thanks for the reply kleer001, for this one I am more interested to build a procedural tool. But as you said POPs is the right way to do it, which I did, it was simple and works great. But I am sure you can do the same with SOPs...

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